Posted by admin on Sep 25, 2014


high risk payment gateway

Load Balancing for High Risk MerchantsHigh risk merchants with substantial month-on-month processing growth quickly discover that load balancing payment processing volumes between more than one merchant account is the best way to protect their business.Processors and agents often promise that fast..

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Posted by admin on Sep 27, 2013


high risk merchant accounts

Card Transaction & Settlement Flow The following participate in processing card transactions for high risk merchant accounts:Merchant Bank Account. This is simply the account where the money settled from the sales are deposited.  It is generally the business bank account of the..

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Posted by admin on Sep 17, 2013


Payment Processing Systems Benefits

Payment Gateway Money-MakerPayment processing systems are big money makers for ecommerce companies.  Experienced ecommerce solution providers know that the correct positioning of payment gateway services is part of building of ongoing monthly income.In the cut-throat merchant account market, the..

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Posted by admin on Aug 05, 2013


Depending on one acquiring bank for payment processing is a risky proposition in today’s volatile banking environment.  Multiple payment processing accounts are strategically desirable for ecommerce merchants to ensure processing can continue uninterrupted.How Changes in Banking Regulations..

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