Posted by admin on Nov 21, 2022


No Chargeback Instant Bank Transfer

Instant bank transfers are like cash payments. Once the customer authorizes the transaction, it cannot be charged back or revoked. High-risk merchants integrate instant bank transfer directly to the checkout page.  All transactions begin and end on your site. The trusted alternative..

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Posted by admin on Feb 01, 2016


Understanding Card Payment Processing Fraud

How can you prevent prevent payment processing fraud and safeguard your business? Fraudulent Payments Cost You MoneyFraud is among the closest monitored and studied phenomena within the payment industry. This focus results from the huge losses that fraud produces for all parties involved. Fraud..

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Posted by admin on Jan 19, 2016


You can lose a sale if a card is declined at checkout.  This article discusses why cards are declined and what you can do about it.  Contact info@paynetsecureWhat is a Card Decline?A card decline occurs when the customer reaches the payment page and enters the card information but gets declined..

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High Risk Merchants & ChargebacksLet’s face it.  When it comes to chargebacks the odds are stacked against high risk merchants.The reason certain businesses are classified as high risk is that the industry type carries a greater statistical likelihood that chargebacks will occurs.  Yet,..

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