Rates for Payment Processing

PaynetSecure works with a wide variety of businesses, each with unique requirements. Quoting specific rates on a website is challenging. Yet, we understand that visitors to the site like to have an idea of what rates will be.

The primary factors in assessing rates are:

  • Payment processing history & monthly volumes
  • Business financials
  • Product / service being sold
  • Business model (method by which products / services are sold)
  • Industry classification

The following rate chart is provided as a general guideline.



High Risk US

High Risk Offshore

International eCommerce

Discount rate



2.95 – 4.95%




0.0 – 0.45


0 – 10%

5 – 10%

0 – 5%


$10 – 20

$50 – 150

$0 – 50





Underwriting High Risk & International eCommerce Merchant Accounts

A merchant account is essentially a short-term line of credit which an acquiring bank extends to you. During the underwriting process, banks assess the risk of providing a business the requested lines of credit.

Top Three Elements Which Affect Rates & Terms

Although many factors affect final rates and terms. Here are the 3 most important ones to underwriting:

Processing History. Processing history reveals historical data regarding the volume of processing, returns, and chargebacks.

Business Financials. Balance Sheets / P&L Statements show the flow of money in and out of the business.

Industry Classification. Certain industries are automatically classified as higher risk because of the statistically greater likelihood of chargebacks. Good processing history and financial statements go a long way in mitigating perceived risk during the underwriting process.

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