Posted by admin on Aug 05, 2019


4 Threats to eCommerce Security

Top Four Threats to Your Ecommerce Account Phishing.  Users are fooled into entering information on a fake website.  Most commonly, an email is sent that looks like it is from the consumer’s own bank or from a website where the consumer has shopped.  The email contains a link that goes to a..

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Posted by admin on Feb 05, 2019


Card Payment Types

Types of Card Payments There are three main types of payment card transactions: credit, signature debit, and PIN debit. For PIN debit transactions cardholder charges are posted immediately following the receipt of the authorization message. For credit and signature debit transactions, the issuer..

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Posted by admin on Jan 10, 2019


Interchange Merchant Account Fees

What is Interchange? Interchange fees are a percentage of each credit or debit card transaction paid by the merchant’s bank and paid to the card user’s bank Interchange makes up most of the fees that merchants pay to their banks for processing card transactions. Issuing banks frequently use a..

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Posted by admin on Jan 03, 2019


High Ticket Sales Merchant Account

ID Verification Important for High Ticket Sales  Identify verification is particularly important to high risk merchants selling high ticket items. Merchants selling high end electronics, jewelry, furniture, collectibles and other valuable merchandise are especially prone to fraudsters. Merchants..

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