European Merchant Accounts

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European Merchant Accounts

Searching for European merchant services?  You’ve come to the right place.  PaynetSecure provides European merchant accounts for businesses worldwide.

  • Competitive Rates. Our goal is to provide you with the lowest rates.  Contact us for a no-obligation rate comparison.
  • Ecommerce for Online Sales.  Quickly and easily accept payments from shoppers worldwide.
  • Unlimited Virtual Terminals.  Great solution for MOTO (mail / phone orders). 
  • Mobile Devices.  Accept payments from mobile phones and devices through the European payment gateway.   
  • Recurring Billing.  Unlimited recurring payment plans are a standard feature on European merchant accounts.  Perfect for subscription or membership sites or any recurring billing model. 
  • Bulk Payment Processing.  Upload large files for rapid processing.
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Secure European Payment Gateway. Top-notch security exceeds the most rigorous standards for safe, compliant processing.  Safeguard your business and protect your customers. Multiple merchant accounts are easily managed through a single dashboard. 
  • Multiple Payment Methods.  Accept all debit and credit brands worldwide.  Add alternative “in-country” payment methods to increase sales up to 40%.
  • Fraud Fighting Weapons.  Customizable cascading rules & filters.  Quickly accept good orders and decline bad ones.  Optionally choose to add 3D Secure to offload chargeback liability to the card brands. 
  • Multi-currency Processing. Accept payments and receive settlements in all major world currencies.   
  • Superb Customer Service.  Professional service from highly trained representatives.  Get the help you need when you need it.


What are European Merchant Services?

European merchant accounts established with acquiring banks in Europe let you accept payments from buyers throughout the world.  Our extensive network of acquiring banks ensures affordable and competitive payment processing for .your business.  Whether you are a standard risk or high risk merchant, European merchant services give you the processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business. 

All European merchant accounts give you the ability to accept debit and credit card payments from shoppers worldwide.  And you can more add more than 80 different alternative payment options preferred by buyers in in different parts of the world.  For example, local bank transfers are the most popular alternative payment method for Europeans.  The more payment methods you accept, the more sales you make. 

Naturally, European companies use European merchant services to process payments.  And international businesses targeting European shoppers establish processing accounts in Europe to get the highest card approval ratios from European customers.

In addition, high risk merchants in certain industries discover that acquiring banks in Europe are often friendlier to their business than banks within their own countries.  And European merchant accounts allow for higher processing capacity than many domestic merchant services. 


Applying for Your European Merchant Account

Application for European merchant services is always free with no obligation.  Approval times for accounts are 5-10 business days from the time the completed application file is received.

Applying for a European merchant account is a straightforward process.  An application is submitted along with along additional information about your business.  Supporting documents include:  ID for the signer on the account; business bank statements; payment processing history; and details about the business entity. 

The EU now requires ecommerce businesses to establish a European corporation in order to qualify for European merchant services.  And companies need to show a physical presence in Europe.  We can guide you on how to quickly comply with all necessary requirements. Including  providing European bank accounts for settlements of processing funds and details on how to best establish a corporate presence so you quickly can be approved for European merchant accounts.


How Underwriters Approve European Merchant Accounts

Once an application package is received, the underwriting process immediately starts.  The first item reviewed is the application form.  The underwriting team confirms the details on the form are complete.  Addresses, phone numbers, emails, and corporate documents are verified.

Next, the team looks at your website.  All pages on the site websites are clicked on to confirm the pages load quickly and display correctly. The team verifies that products or services are well-described,  and pricing is displayed clearly.  Privacy, refund, shipping and other policies are read.  Sometimes customer service email or telephone numbers are checked via “cold-calls” to verify good service is being provided to customers.

The underwriting teams then reviews payment processing history.  If chargebacks are low, that’s great.  If chargebacks are rising, it’s helpful to include a short explanation in the application package explaining the reason and what is being done to keep chargebacks under control.

Bank statements are reviewed to verify there is enough operating capital available to run the business.  Having enough money in your business bank account to support the requested processing volume is a good idea.  And helps speedy account approval. 

These days, most underwriters do a google search to check reviews on the company.  Do this yourself so you’ll know what is out there.  Of course, no company is going to have perfect reviews.  Still, if you discover negative comments, take a minute to respond in a positive and polite manner.  This small step demonstrates that you care about the experience customers have with your company and your online reputation.


How European Merchant Accounts Increase Profits

Card processing interchange rates vary worldwide, depending upon the location of the acquiring banks.  European interchange is lower than interchange in the US.  Processing card payments from European shoppers using European merchant services is less expensive than processing through banks outside of Europe.  Saving you money on cross-border transactions, reducing foreign exchange exposure and lowering your cost of sales.

Your European merchant account can be used to accept payments from customers worldwide.  Your card approval ratios will be the highest for European customers.  Still, international cards can have high card approval ratios.  Much depends upon the payment processing platform and the acquiring bank with which your European merchant account is established.


How Multi-Currency Processing Increases Orders

Multicurrency payment processing combined with websites in local languages are key elements to maximize profits from international consumers.

When shoppers visit your site, it’s simply smart to keep the focus on making a purchase.  Converting prices to local currencies is a distraction which leads to confusion, not to sales.  Confused shoppers leave your website and click on another with similar products sold in familiar currencies that customers quickly relate to.  

Driving traffic to your website is a major achievement. Don’t risk losing customers by not displaying and accepting payments in familiar local currencies.  Make it simple for consumers to know what a product or service costs.  Display prices in currencies that buyers instantly understand.   

The more comfortable shoppers are on your site, the more orders you receive.  Encouraging your customers to purchase from you by accepting payments in trusted familiar currencies is one of the easiest ways to boost sales without additional work. 

Accept payments in 160 currencies worldwide.  Receive settlements in all major world currencies.


Adding Local Payments to Your European Merchant Account Boosts Sales

The more types of payments you accept, the more sales you make.  Adding preferred “in-country” payment options at checkout gives buyers an alternative to using cards.  Credit and debit card payments are important, of course.  Still, local payment methods are popular so offer them as well.

Internationally, local bank transfers and country specific payment options are preferred over cards in certain countries. For instance, local bank transfers are used by 1.6 billion online banking customers in 31 countries globally.

  • Boost sales from customers up to 40%
  • Guaranteed payments with fast settlement.
  • Reduce risk of fraud and chargebacks

Many countries have payment methods specific to their nation. You can enable all preferred alternative payment methods through the European payment gateway included with all European merchant services accounts. 


Reasons to Choose PaynetSecure for European Merchant Services

For almost 20 years, businesses throughout the world have used our services to successfully establish European merchant accounts.  Here are some of the reasons:

  • Extensive Bank Network  Acquiring banks are located throughout Europe.  Establish a single account.  Or set up multiple accounts to mitigate processing risk. 
  • High Volume Merchant Account Specialists.  Quickly obtain the processing capacity you need for your business.    
  • Multiple Payment Methods.  Accept all card brands.  Add alternative payment methods popular in different countries to accommodate customers’ payment preferences.
  • Fraud Protection.  Controlling fraud is important.  Customizable cascading rules & filters can be automated or controlled manually.  Quickly respond changing market trends.
  • High Risk Europeon Merchant Accounts.  Businesses classified as high risk are welcome to apply.  Many of our banking partners are quite friendly to high risk verticals and offer low rates with favorable terms..
  • Secure European Payment Gateway.  Military-grade encryption for safe transaction processing transactions safe.  Compliant payment processing protects your business & your customers. 
  • Customer Service.  Highly trained representatives are dedicated to your success.  Get the help you need when you need it.
  • Robust Reporting.  Wide array of reports in multiple formats. Quick access to all payment processing data.
  • Shopping Cart, CRM, Accounting Integration.  The European payment gateway is integrated to most major shopping carts, CRM and accounting systems.  Speed time to market and reduce development costs. 

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