High Ticket Merchant Accounts

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High Ticket Merchant Accounts

Businesses selling higher cost products or services use high ticket merchant accounts to process payments smoothly and efficiently

  • Low Rates. Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison.
  • Fast Approvals. Speed time to market and quickly boost sales.
  • Multi-Channel Payments. Easily take payments online.  Accept mail / phone orders (MOTO).  Accept in-app & mobile payments.
  • Secure Level 1 PCI-DSS Payment Gateway. Protects your business and your customers.
  • Quick Settlements. Improve cash flow with fast settlements of processing funds.
  • Fraud Prevention Weapons. Help you quickly accept good orders. Decline bad transactions.  Set aside questionable ones for review.
  • Chargeback Mitigation Services. Prevent chargebacks before they occur.  Fight chargebacks you can win.
  • Extensive Bank Network. Mitigate processing risk while ensuring processing capacity for high volume merchants.

High ticket merchants selling all types of products or services are welcome to apply.  Contact us today.


What are High Ticket Merchant Accounts?

A high ticket merchant account is associated with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales.   

Business-to-business high ticket sales are classified as standard risk because the risk of chargebacks and fraud is minimal.   In fact, special lower interchange rates are available for commercial merchant accounts with ticket amounts over $10,000. 

Business-to-consumer sales are a different story.  For companies selling to consumers, high ticket merchant accounts are considered high risk. 

Acquiring banks vary on what is considered “high ticket” for business-to-consumer sales.  Some banks consider business-to-consumer sales products or services sold for $1000 or more high ticket items. Others classify businesses selling products over $500 as high ticket merchants. 

High ticket merchants frequently offer electronic checks at checkout in addition to cards.  Merchants report sales “lifts” of 10-30% simply by giving customers another way to pay.


Who Uses High Ticket Merchant Accounts?

High-ticket merchant accounts let businesses selling expensive consumer goods & services effectively accept credit cards, debit cards, and electronic check payments easily.

Examples of higher ticket products & services are:

  • Auto Accessories
  • Collectibles
  • Commodities
  • Custom Goods
  • Electronics
  • Expensive Fashion Items
  • Furniture
  • High-End Personal Services
  • Hotels
  • Jewelry
  • Luxury Goods
  • Precious Metals
  • Premium Health, Beauty & Fitness Items
  • Professional Services
  • Tickets
  • Tours
  • Travel
  • And More!

Take payments though all sales channels.  Accept orders online.  Process mail / phone transactions (MOTO) through virtual terminals.  Integrate processing with apps.  Accept payments from mobile devices.  Or bulk process orders via batch uploads. 


Reasons High Tickets are Considered High Risk

Business-to-consumer high ticket sales are classified as high risk by payment processors for 2 main reasons.  The first is chargebacks.  The second is fraud. 

High ticket sales to consumers carry a greater risk for chargebacks than do lower ticket items. Businesses in all industries selling costly items are exposed to chargeback risk. The higher the ticket, the greater the risk.  Contingent liabilities are significantly greater when consumers charge back a $1000 purchase than a $100 transaction. 

“Friendly fraud” occurs when consumers contact their issuing banks claiming that the product or service was not as advertised, was damaged in shipping, did not perform as promised, or a myriad of other reasons.  Savvy consumers know that issuing banks often side with card holders rather than the merchants. They use chargebacks to attempt to get goods or services for free or to delay payments. 

Other times, buyers’ remorse kicks in after buying an expensive item.  No matter how liberal your return policies are, some buyers call their banks rather than you due to embarrassment or fears of being pressured into keeping the purchase. 

Since high ticket merchants vary among industries, some types of businesses have additional risks associated with them.  For instance, travel merchants are both high ticket and have longer delivery times than do eCommerce merchants who simply sell high ticket goods or services.  

Cyber criminals love to target eCommerce sites selling high ticket items. A stolen card is used to buy expensive electronic goods like televisions or jewelry.  The items are shipped to a domestic address before the real owner is aware that card data has been compromised.  By the time the merchant realizes that the sale was fraudulent, the goods are long gone, often reshipped to other countries.  Merchants, and ultimately the processors & banks, are left to absorb the losses. 


How High Ticket Merchants Fight Chargebacks & Fraud

Chargeback prevention & mitigation services are helpful to keep chargebacks under control.  Early warning chargeback notification services let you know when a dispute has been initiated, allowing you to issue a refund before a dispute turns into a chargeback.  When chargebacks do occur, chargeback mitigation services help you fight chargebacks you can win.

The card brands offer 3D Secure services that add a level of security at checkout.  When 3D is used at checkout, you can offload responsibility for chargebacks back to the card brands. 3D Secure services have vastly improved in the past few years, making the customer experience at checkout faster and simpler.    

To help protect against cyber crime, enable the vast array of fraud protection tools in the high ticket merchant account gateway.  Extensive customizable cascading rules & filters let you quickly identify good orders; decline fraudulent transactions and set aside questionable ones for review. 


Applying for High Ticket Merchant Accounts

Applying for high ticket merchant accounts is a straight forward process.  An application is submitted along with supporting documents.  Account approvals take 3-5 business days for US merchants and 7-14 days for international merchants. 

Supporting documents include:  Color copy of driver’s license or passport for the signer on the account; voided check from the bank to which processing funds will settle; 3 months business bank statements; 3-6 months of payment processing statements; and business formation documents such as Articles of Incorporation of LLC.

A merchant account is similar to a short-term line of credit.  Therefore, it is important that the signer on the account has good personal credit.  If credit is not good, consider adding a co-signer with excellent credit who does.

Be sure that your business bank statements show positive cashflows. Confirm that bank accounts have enough money to support the processing volume being requested. 

Ecommerce merchants websites must be fully functional. Test all links. Confirm everything is displaying well, with no glitches.  

Post refund and privacy policies on websites. If products are being shipped, include shipping information.  Make it easy for customers to contact you by clearly displaying contact emails, customer service details, and hours of service.


Helpful Tips to Manage High Ticket Merchant Accounts

Below are some examples of strategies which reduce concerns about chargebacks & fraud for high ticket merchants.  These are also helpful to the underwriting teams who review accounts for approval. 

  • Perform unobtrusive identity checks on buyers. Electronic ID verification at checkout is fast. And inexpensive to implement.

  • Request buyers email you a selfie holding a driver’s license or other proof of identity. 

  • Ensure your business financials and / or bank statements demonstrate capital sufficient to cover losses from fraud and chargebacks if it becomes necessary.

  • Obtaining a digital signature as an additional authorization to confirm the sales. This also provides strong supporting documentation helping you win chargebacks if they occur. 

  • Block sales to countries that are well-known for internet fraud.

  • Manually review any orders that are suspicious to you. The high ticket merchant account gateway gives you many tools which help automate the identification of questionable transactions.

  • Use the fraud fighting tools within your payment gateway. The fraud fighting tools within high risk processing gateways are robust.  Review your reports and follow your ordering trends.  Change settings on a regular basis to meet current market conditions. 

  • Use early-warning systems to keep disputed transactions from turning into chargebacks.

  • Consider adding 3D Secure to shift responsibility for chargebacks to the card brands


Choose PaynetSecure for Your High Ticket Merchant Account

PaynetSecure successfully establishes and diversifies payment processing accounts for US and international businesses selling high ticket goods and services.  Put our experience to work for you to get the processing capacity you need to manage and grow your business.

  • Free application with no obligation.

  • Level 1 security. PCI-DSS payment gateway for high ticket merchants is the highest level of processing security available, keeping your business safe.

  • Choice of banks. Extensive network of domestic and international banks ensures high volume processing capacity.

  • Multi-channel payments. Accept payments online.  Securely accept MOTO transactions with a virtual terminal.  Integrate payments with apps.  Accept payments from mobile devices.  Or bulk process orders via uploads to secure servers

  • Chargeback prevention and mitigation services. Protect your high ticket merchant account.

  • Fraud fighting weapons. Robust customizable fraud fighting tools safeguard your business.

  • Load balance multiple accounts on a single gateway to simply account management and reconciliation.

  • Multiple payment methods.  Add echecks, ACH merchant accounts, and localized payment options to increase sales and profits.

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