Multi-Currency Payment Processing

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Multi-Currency Payment Processing

Multi-currency payment processing is the easiest way to increase sales from international buyers.  With a multi-currency merchant account, you display prices in the same currency as where the buyer is located.  And receive your processing settlements in any major world currency.

Multi-currency payments

  • Builds buyers’ trust. Shoppers are more comfortable paying in local currency.
  • Keeps shoppers focused. On making a purchase rather than figuring out what an item costs.
  • Competitive edge. Accepting payments in local currency gives you a strategic advantage over your competitors that do not. And keeps you competitive with those that do.
  • More sales. It’s simple. Customers buy more when they know exactly what an item costs in their own currency. 


Benefits of a Multi Currency Payment Gateway 

Multi currency processing is a standard feature of Paynetsecure’s global eCommerce gateway. Accept payments and receive settlements in your choice of currencies. 

  • Gain a competitive advantage. Shoppers buy more from merchants that offer multi-currency processing. And will return to your site to purchase more.
  • Sales increase when buyers purchase in local currency. Decrease shopping cart abandonment and watch your profits grow.
  • Inspire trust in your business and show international customers you care about their shopping experience.
  • Reduce processing expenses. Combine multi-currency processing with international merchant accounts to lower processing expenses while reducing foreign exchange risk.
  • Extensive cloud reporting enhances management of multi-currency processing accounts.
  • Automatically load balance multiple merchant accounts. View and manage all accounts through central dashboard.




Global e-Commerce Demands Multi Currency Processing Solutions

The world is quickly becoming one giant marketplace.  International buyers are purchasing goods and services at a frantic pace, with demand escalating every year.     

Customers are increasingly comfortable buying the products they want regardless of where a business is located.  Smart companies make it easy for consumers to make purchases by pricing products in familiar local currencies.

Some customers shop globally to buy goods and services that are not available or are too expensive to buy locally. Others buy products as status-symbols.  For example, American fashion and luxury items are in great demand by shoppers world-wide where rising economies are creating affluent and status-conscious buyers.


US Sites Leading Destination for International Buyers

If you are a US merchant that does not use a multi-currency payment service, you are losing orders from customers world-wide who are eagerly shopping for US products.

  • US sites lead the world in selling to global buyers. 
  • US products are coveted status symbols for customers world-wide.  
  • Clothing, luxury goods, beauty products and electronics are the biggest draws for international buyers shopping on US sites. 
  • Travel and hospitality are rapidly expanding markets. 
  • The Asia-Pacific region currently leads for customers shopping internationally. 
  • Market opportunities for US companies include Asia, Europe, Latin America, Russia, and the Middle East. 

US shoppers also buy from international merchants. A trend that is sure to continue to grow in the coming years as global companies target the lucrative US-eCommerce market.


Selling Beyond Geographic Borders with Multi-Currency Processing

Global eCommerce is the next frontier for increased profits. Emerging markets world-wide offer extraordinary opportunities for growth. Yet, it makes no sense to target international markets unless you are prepared to accept payments from global buyers.    

Don’t risk losing sales because you don’t offer payments in local currency. Or because you don’t accept a favored local payment methods.


Multi-currency processing reduces shopping card abandonment

Shoppers expect to pay in their own currency. Or, with one click, they are off to another site where multi-currency processing makes purchasing easier.

Want more orders from international shoppers? 

The fastest way to increase sales is accepting the payment methods preferred by buyers.  Electronic checks are popular for US customers. In Europe, local bank transfers are common.

Research which payments are preferred in your targeted markets.  Add them to your site.  Watch your sales grow. 

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