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Payment Gateway Processing API

PaynetSecure is a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant gateway, the highest security level for payment processing.  An extensive library of resources are available for developers. 

Payment Gateway Capabilities 

The PaynetSecure gateway includes a vast array of features which simplify processing, enhance business operations & accelerate time to market.  Take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Over 150 shopping carts and CRMs are integrated with the gateway
  • Robust customizable fraud fighting tools
  • Unlimited number of customizable recurring billing plans
  • Authnet emulator for easy integration to platforms that use
  • Sensitive card info is encrypted & safely stored in the gateway vault
  • Quickbooks plug-in. Pay invoices, generate receipts, process payments & view reports
  • Mobile Processing. Accept payments from mobile devices
  • Manage & load balance multiple merchant accounts through a single dashboard



Hosted payment page. Customers click on a “buy now” button & go to a secure payment form. Good option for smaller merchants that don’t have their own SSL certificates and technical support staff

Transaction API

Direct API connection with CGI platform and SSL connection. Most common method of connecting to ecommerce sites. Customers stay on your site during the checkout for a smooth purchasing experience.


Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is the integration of choice for developers to use within applications.

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