Posted by admin on Aug 05, 2013


Depending on one acquiring bank for payment processing is a risky proposition in today’s volatile banking environment.  Multiple payment processing accounts are strategically desirable for ecommerce merchants to ensure processing can continue uninterrupted.How Changes in Banking Regulations..

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Posted by admin on Jul 19, 2013


High Risk Merchant Account Load Balancing GatewayCompanies in high risk merchant account  categories often use a gateway with load balancing to distribute transactions among acquiring banks and processors.High risk merchants deploy payment gateways with load balancing features in order to manage..

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Posted by admin on Jan 29, 2011


High Risk Rates vs Standard RiskThe elements involved in pricing a high risk merchant account are the same as those associated with a standard risk account.  The exception to this are in reserves, which are almost always required for a high risk account and are seldom required for a non-high..

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Posted by admin on Aug 27, 2010


How Payment Gateways Protect YouHigh risk merchants must be constantly vigilant and on guard against fraud.  Proper use of your payment gateway fraud protection tools is important to mitigating the risk of fraud and the potential loss of revenue that result from fraudulent transactions.Payment..

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