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Online Gaming Merchant Accounts

Payment processing for online gaming merchants.  Easily accept payments from players.  Quickly send money to winners.

All types of online gaming merchants qualify for accounts including mobile gaming; social gaming, multiplayer video games; fantasy sports; online poker; racetracks, pari-mutuel wagering; and casinos.

Effective payment processing is crucial to maximizing profits, boosting customer satisfaction, and increasing the lifetime value of customers to your online gaming business.

World-wide consumer spending for online gaming is projected to grow to $180 billion by next year.   In the US alone, over 164 million adults play online video games.  Add fans of fantasy sports, online poker, horse racing, skilled games and wagering sites, and it is clear that online gaming offers incredible opportunities for online gaming companies.

This page discusses the payment methods available for funding online gaming accounts. And the payout methods commonly used by online gaming merchants.


Accepting Payments from Players

There are two primary payment methods American online gaming companies typically use for funding US players’ accounts.  Card processing online gaming merchant accounts are used to accept credit and debit card payments.  ACH is used to debit payments from players’ bank accounts.

Americans love to use cards when paying online.  Therefore, you will want to accept all card brands on your site.   In addition to the card brands commonly used in the US, consider accepting Union Pay.  More than 80% of US merchants accept the card already so it is a valuable addition to your card payment options.


Difference Between Debit and Credit Cards

Chargebacks can be an issue for online gaming merchants, particularly for credit card transactions.  The reason is easy to understand.

It is much easier for a player to chargeback a credit card transaction than a debit card transaction.  With a credit card, the player calls the card issuing bank and disputes the charge.  A chargeback can be initiated for up to 180 days after the purchase is made.

Credit cards are simply lines of credit the banks offer consumers.  Banks make huge profits from credit card purchases, especially when a consumer carries a balance forward.  Card issuing banks are more likely to side with credit card holders instead of merchants when a chargeback is initiated because they have a financial interest in the consumer continuing to use the credit card.

For online gaming merchants, encouraging payments by debit cards rather than credit cards is smart business.

Debit card payments are not lines of credit.  Rather, the payments are debited from consumers’ bank accounts.  The banks are less apt to side with consumers’ disputes on debit cards because the banks face no potential financial losses from debit card transactions.

Debit card transactions are also significantly harder for consumers to charge back than credit cards. If a debit card holder contacts the issuing bank within 2 days, liability is limited to $50 or $500 if the consumer disputes a payment within 60 days.  If the consumer waits more than 60 days to dispute the transaction, the debit card holder is responsible for the payment.  And that is the end of the story.  

It is much harder to chargeback a debit card transaction than a credit card.  Lots of documents are required.  The process is time-consuming since it is up to the player to prove that a transaction was not authorized, or the service was not delivered.   Because the banks have no risk of financial loss when consumers pay from bank accounts, there is little motivation to refund money back to the player’s debit card.


Funding Online Gaming Accounts with ACH

ACH is a low cost, reliable method for funding players’ accounts.  ACH debits funds from players’ bank accounts. 

Processing rates for ACH are always less than card payments.  The reason is that ACH has no “interchange” fees whereas card transactions are subject to interchange.  As a result, rates for ACH processing are 50-80% lower than card transactions.

Same day ACH debits are now available, which speeds up the processing time.  You can easily track the status of all transactions from your back-office reporting portal. 

Still, the ACH network is not real time and returns can occur up to 48 hours after a transaction is made.  Some on-line gaming merchants apply ACH payments to players’ accounts immediately but wait a few days before allowing the player to use the funds.  Others allow return customers to access the funds immediately if there is no history of returns or chargebacks.  

ACH is great for online gaming merchants with recurring billing models, Bank accounts rarely change. It is a big hassle to change banks since direct deposit of wages and payments for household bills are tied to the account.  As a result, recurring payments with ACH are far more stable than card payments

Each year more than 20% of debit and credit cards are reissued.  Each time a card is reissued, updated card data is needed for the card transaction to be approved. 

Automated card updater services help update some but not all cards.   And regardless of your best efforts to contact players for updated card information, you may not be able to obtain the data.  Revenue from recurring card payments is lost and cash flow is negatively impacted.


Payout Methods for Online Gaming Merchants

When a player wins or wants money back from a prefunded account, money needs to be paid out.  Quickly and cost efficiently.

There are three main methods online gaming companies use for payouts, ACH, physical debit cards, and virtual debit cards.

Same day ACH credits are low cost and reliable.  Funds are credited to players’ bank accounts the same or next day, depending on when the file is submitted for processing.  ACH credits are a trusted method of receiving payments.  Many Americans have direct deposit of wages and are comfortable receiving money to bank accounts.

Funds can also be disbursed to debit cards.  With this solution, the funds are credited to a physical debit card via an ACH credit transfer of funds. 

Payouts can also be made to a virtual debit card.  A virtual debit card is similar to a regular debit card but a physical card is not issued.  Money credited to a virtual debit card can be used for online payments but cannot be used at retail locations.



The more payment methods you accept, the more money you make.  To maximize profits, accept all types of debit and credit cards.  Add ACH payments for players who want to fund accounts with a debit from a bank account rather than using a card.

Multiple payment methods are available for payouts.  ACH, debit cards, and virtual debit cards are all cost-effective proven methods of disbursing funds to players.


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For more than 20 years, PaynetSecure has provided merchant services to companies in the US and throughout the world.  Here are some of the reasons merchants choose us.

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  • Chargeback Mitigation Services. Stop chargebacks before they happen.  Fight chargebacks if they occur.
  • Advanced Fraud Fighting Weapons. Safeguard your business. Customize settings to respond to changing conditions.
  • Load-Balancing. More than one online gaming merchant account?  Easily view and manage all accounts through a single login.  Increases productivity, enhances customer service, and streamlines business operations.  
  • Unlimited Recurring Billing Plans. Customize recurring billing options to meet the requirements of your customers.  Convenient for players.  Profitable for you.
  • Superior Customer Service. Highly trained representatives. Get the help you need when you need it.

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