Integrated High Risk Processing for Independent Software Venders

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Integrated High Risk Processing for Independent Software Venders

Independent software venders (ISV) add payment processing to their platforms as a value-added service to their customer bases.  Providing payment processing solutions is particularly helpful for independent software venders with customers classified as high-risk merchants. 


What are Independent Software Venders?

Independent software vendors develop and market software which meet the needs of specific industries.  Cross-industry, businesses use independent software venders to speed time to market.  And eliminate expenses associated with in-house software development.   

Some ISV target financial services, brokerages lenders, credit restoration, collection agencies, cryptocurrency and trading platforms.  Others specialize in healthcare and telemedicine.  Still others have software platforms for gaming, education, online entertainment, real estate, ecommerce, technology, hospitality, travel, insurance, MLM, nutraceuticals, and legal services. Others, such as CRMs, offer cross-industry solutions. 

The ISV industry is extremely competitive.  Almost every market segment has many independent software venders vying for business.

Adding payment processing to your platform enhances the value of your software to your customer base.  Increasing the lifetime value of your customers. And giving you a real competitive edge in the marketplace.  

If you do not have payment processing integrated with your software, you risk losing business to your competitors who do. 


High Risk Payment Processing for ISV Platforms

Your customers want you to provide software solutions to make their lives easier, including accepting payments. Integrating payment processing to your platform is a powerful way to help your clients. 

Low risk and standard risk merchants have no issues obtaining payment processing accounts.  There are endless payment processing choices for these types of businesses.  However, it is a different situation for companies classified as high risk by acquiring banks. 

There are far fewer payment processing options for high risk merchants.  Therefore, independent software venders with customers in high risk industries need to find a payment processing partner to accommodate the special requirements of their customer base. 

When considering a partner for high risk merchants, it is vital that your partner has the technology necessary to properly manage high risk merchants.  The payment gateway should include chargeback mitigation services, fraud prevention tools, military grade security, tokenization, hierarchical management, and advanced processing features specific to the requirements of high risk merchants.

Additionally, consider only payment processing partners who have multiple acquiring banks integrated with the payment processing platform   If you have customers with international markets, international acquiring banks are important as well as US acquirers.

As any high risk merchant can tell you, dependence on a single financial institution for payment processing can be a disaster.  If a bank changes underwriting requirements, industry acceptance, or is merged with another bank, your clients can risk losing their payment processing accounts. 

A robust high risk payment processing gateway is vitally important.  And multiple acquiring banks connected to the gateway are crucial to protect your high risk merchants long term processing needs.  


Partnering with a High Risk Payment Processor

Establishing your own payment facilitator account with acquiring banks is expensive, time consuming, and paperwork intensive.  And assuming liability for high risk merchants is a risky proposition for your business.  A single rouge merchant can cause financial and reputational damage to your company. 

A smarter approach for payment processing is to establish a relationship with a high risk processor with years of experience in managing high risk merchants. You offload all risk to the processor.  Protecting your business and your customers. 

  • Your partner assumes the financial risks associated with payment processing. You concentrate on core software business while your partner handles the payment processing.
  • You have no worries about the extensive regulatory and compliance requirements associated with payment processing.  Your processing partner is responsible compliance & regulations. 
  • Once you are integrated with the processing gateway, all updates are immediate with no effort on your part. 
  • Integrating processing with your software means your customers can easily accept payments seamlessly without any work on their part.
  • Embedded payment processing enhances your software.  Improving functionality while simplifying business processes. 
  • Providing your customers value added payment processing options promotes customer loyalty to your business. 


Benefits to You and Your Customers

Adding payment processing to your software platform is important to maintain your competitive edge in an increasing competitive ISV landscape. 

Fast High Risk Merchant Approval & Onboarding

  • Automated applications are sent to your customers. You can view and track all applications from your processing dashboard.  Once approved, customers are ready to process quickly, with our automated onboarding API

Accept Payments Through All Channels

  • An integration You customers can process payments online, process MOTO orders with virtual terminals and accept POS payments. Accept business to business or consumer payments. ACH payments Electronic invoicing, one time or recurring billing and more.

Extensive Banking Network

  • High risk merchants often establish multiple merchant accounts to migrate processing risks. Our network of US and international banks allows for intelligent routing of transactions through multiple banks.

Multicurrency Payments

  • As ecommerce opportunities expand in the US and world-wide, accepting payments in local currency is one of the easiest ways to increase profits without additional work. Accept payments in 100 different currencies. Receive settlements in any major world currency. 

Offload Compliance and Regulatory Rules

  • Payments are complex. Processors must comply with extensive rules and regulations.  Your payment processing partner takes on the burdens for you.  Freeing you and your customers to concentrate on core businesses rather than worrying about payment processing compliance & rules.

Professional Support

  • Access strategies, cobranded marketing collateral and on-going assistance to drive customer sign ups for payment processing.

Continuous Processing Updates

  • We do all the work. You reap the benefits.  Updates to the processing platform are immediately available to you and your merchants. 

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