Adult Merchant Accounts

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Adult Merchant Accounts

PaynetSecure offers proven processing solutions to adult merchants at attractive rates. Adult services merchant accounts let you conveniently accept card, ACH, and echeck payments from your customers.  Process payments through a specialized adult payment gateway connected to both US and international acquiring banks. 

Adult merchant accounts for

  • Digital Content / Downloads
  • Entertainment Sites
  • Legal Escort Services
  • Online Dating Sites
  • Streaming Video
  • Toys & Novelties
  • Webcams

The growth of online entertainment has fueled the expansion of adult oriented websites.  High volume adult payment processing is readily available, giving you the capacity to successfully operate and grow your business.   


Domestic Adult Payment Processing

Adult merchants are considered high risk by banks and processors.  The primary reason for a high risk classification is concerns over chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. 

Companies processing high volumes of transactions frequently establish multiple adult credit card processing accounts to mitigate the inherent risks of depending upon a single acquiring bank. 

US companies establish adult services merchant accounts in both the US and offshore.  The biggest advantages of US processing are lower rates and faster settlements compared to offshore merchant accounts.  The biggest disadvantage is that US banks often cap processing volumes. 


International Adult Services Merchant Accounts

Offshore banks have more liberal underwriting policies for adult merchants than US acquirers.  And, international banks rarely place caps on volumes.  You can process as much volume as needed.

For companies with global customers, international merchant accounts are a wise addition to your processing strategy.  

  • Expand markets. Offshore adult credit card processing accounts give you the ability to accept payments from customers located anywhere in the world.  And include popular local payment methods used by buyers outside of the US.  
  • Multicurrency processing is a standard feature of all international adult services merchant accounts.  Displaying prices in local currencies is an easy way to increase sales and profits from global customers.
  • Business benefits. Some offshore jurisdictions offer incentives and tax benefits to encourage business development. 
  • Diversification of adult merchant accounts in different jurisdictions is the ultimate protection for your business operations. 


Get More Sales with Echecks

Adding echecks as a payment method on your checkout page is a fast way to get more sales.  Merchants report sales lifts up to 20% simply by giving customers another way to pay.  Echecks get you sales from customers who do not have cards, are maxed out on cards or who simply prefer to pay you through a bank account rather than a card.

At checkout, customers enter their bank routing & account numbers rather than card info.  The funds are electronically debited from customers’ bank accounts and automatically credited to your business bank account.

Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method for US shoppers.  Millions of American regularly pay for goods & services with echecks.  If you are not accepting electronic checks on your checkout page, you are leaving money on the table. 


Payout Services for Adult Merchants

Many adult merchants have large affiliate programs. PaynetSecure offers pay-out solutions to get your affiliates paid quickly.  Direct deposit payments to US affiliates who have bank accounts.  Or take advantage of our domestic & international card program to send money to affiliates in the US & throughout the world.  Contact us today to find out more.  


Applying for Your Adult Merchant Account

Applying for an adult credit card processing account is always free, with no obligation. 

  • A dedicated account manager assists you through the application process to get your account approved quickly.
  • Establish multiple merchant accounts.  Load balancing through our adult payment gateway simplifies management while providing you with the processing capacity you need. 
  • Processing history showing a at least $50,000 per month is required to apply.  No startups are accepted. 
  • US and international companies are welcome to apply. US accounts take 7-10 days for approval. International adult merchant accounts take 14-21 days.

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