MOTO Merchant Accounts

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MOTO Merchant Accounts

MOTO stands for “Mail Order/ Telephone Order.“ A MOTO merchant account lets you quickly & easily accept payments by mail, phone and fax. 

In these days of instant internet access, you may wonder if shoppers still order products and services by telephone or mail. 

The answer is a resounding YES.  Millions of buyers still prefer to purchase either by mail order or by calling your company to order after viewing product information on your website or in your marketing materials.

  • Some shoppers want to talk to a representative before ordering to find out more specifics of a product. 
  • Others have concerns about inputting payment information online and would prefer to give the information to a company representative. 
  • Still others like the convenience of ordering by mail, phone, or the security of sending a fax.   

A MOTO merchant account gives your customers another convenient way to buy from you. MOTO merchant accounts can be expanded to include internet payments for online sales. The more ways customers can buy from you, the more sales you will make. 


Virtual Terminal for Fast Order Entry

MOTO transactions are processed through a virtual terminal. Your customer service representatives enter payment information through a secure connection to the processing network. Any computer that is connected to the internet can be used as a virtual terminal. 

Virtual terminals enhance your internal security protocols by giving your staff access only to the features necessary to do their jobs. For example, your customer service reps perform different tasks than your accounting department.  And, your executive staff require additional capabilities. Each user is assigned a unique login & password, completely controlled by you.

Robust cloud reporting gives you the data you need to manage your business.  And it’s a breeze to integrate the processing platform with your internal systems.  Automating & streamlining operations.  And boosting productivity. 


Secure MOTO Processing Gateway Protects You

MOTO merchants securely accept payments through a virtual terminal.  The virtual terminal connects to the secure banking network through a PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway.  The gateway encrypts card data & ensures safe, secure transmission of data.  

The virtual terminal is a web-based application and requires no additional software.  Your customer service representative keys the transaction and card information into the virtual terminal and the transaction is submitted for processing.  Orders are approved or declined within seconds.  

Use your virtual terminal in combination with online sales.  The same MOTO processing gateway used to access the virtual terminal can be integrated into your website via an API. Then, you can take orders through your website in addition to MOTO credit card processing.    


Reasons MOTO Merchant Services are High Risk

Merchants in all industry classifications use a MOTO payment gateway to process orders.  Yet, regardless of your industry, MOTO payment processing is still considered to be high risk by acquiring banks.

When a buyer is ordering by phone or by mail, there is less security than when a payment is made at a retail location.  And less than when a consumer pays for an order online, where security features can be enabled to protect against fraud and chargebacks.

Additionally, orders taken by phone or input from mail/fax order forms are classified as high risk because there is less security when payment information is entered manually by people other than the actual buyer. 


Tips for Protecting Your MOTO Merchant Account

Here’s some best practices to protect your MOTO credit card processing

  • Use address verification confirming that the address is the same as the one associated with the card.
  • Get the CVV code from the back of the card from the buyer. The CVV confirms that the customer has the card in hand when making a payment. 
  • Verification. Request a digital electronic signature from buyers, if possible. Record telephone verification confirmation of the orders.  For mail orders, have a place on the order form for customers to sign authorizing the payment.
  • Change passwords on a regular basis. Give your representatives access only to the features required to do their job.  Internal security is your best protection against data breaches.   
  • Enable features. You save money on processing when you set up your virtual terminal to require all necessary information to complete an order successfully at the lowest processing rates available.

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