Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

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Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

Accept payments from US and international customers quickly and easily with nutraceutical merchant accounts. Gain access to an extensive network of domestic and international banks to satisfy your processing needs. Diversify your nutraceutical merchant accounts to mitigate risk.

  • All Nutraceutical Merchants welcome
  • One-time & Recurring Payments
  • Sell online with API eCommerce interface
  • Securely enter MOTO transactions with a Virtual Terminal
  • Alternative payment methods to Increase Sales
  • Chargeback Prevention and Mitigation Services
  • Robust fraud prevention customizable to your requirements
  • Comprehensive cloud reporting
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS payment gateway safeguards your business


Business is Booming for Nutra Merchants

Nutraceuticals include nutrients, dietary supplements and herbal products used by consumers to enhance beauty, improve health, stimulate sexual desire, boost energy,  promote healthy skin & protect biological functions.

Nutraceuticals are a booming industry.  More than 75% of Americans report having taken dietary supplements.  These days it seems as if everyone is searching for ways to feel better, look better, have better sex, and still maintain plenty of energy to live a vibrant life. 

Millions of customers throughout the world consume nutraceuticals on a regular basis.   According to the Global Wellness Institute the global wellness market generates $4.2 trillion yearly and is growing twice as fast as the global economy.  The global wellness industry represents 5.3% of total global economic output.

Nutraceutical products merchant accounts are established for US and international businesses in all industry segments.   Contact us today to get started.


How to Apply for Your Nutra Merchant Account

Nutraceutical products merchant accounts are available for almost all product offerings including:  Anti-aging, blood sugar balancing, colon cleansers, dietary / hormonal supplements, immune system boosters, metabolic & musculoskeletal health products, nutritional beverages, skin care, sexual performance enhancers, stress management, vitamins & minerals, weight loss, and workout supplements.

Application for nutraceutical merchant accounts is always free.  High volume Nutra merchant accounts are our specialty.  Get the processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business.

To get started, you submit an application form along with supporting documentation.  You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who works with you to help ensure account approval. 

Supporting documents include payment processing history, proof of identity of the signer on the account, corporate or LLC articles, bank statements, product information, product fulfillment agreements with suppliers, and other relevant data to help underwriters get a full understanding of your business.  

Allow 3-5 business days for approval of US nutraceutical credit card processing accounts.  International nutra merchant accounts take 7-14 days for approval.


High Risk Merchant Services for Nutraceuticals Businesses

While there are many excellent nutraceutical businesses, acquiring banks consider the industry to be high risk. The reason for the high-risk classification stems from increased risk of chargebacks, recurring and continuity billing models, and the lack of regulatory standards on nutraceutical products. 

Over the years, some nutraceutical businesses have been accused of making false claims about products which led to investigations by various US government agencies.  Unfortunately, these types of situations have a spill-over effect on the industry as a whole.  And impact the number of banks that are willing to board nutraceutical merchants. Businesses need nutraceutical merchant accounts to accept payments from buyers.   There are still many good options for nutraceutical credit card processing accounts.  You can get the processing capacity you need to grow through acquiring banks that welcome the opportunity to work with you.  Apply now for fast approval. 


Underwriting Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

Underwriters review the application file to determine the risk associated with processing payments for nutraceutical merchants.   The more information you provide to present your company in the best possible light, the better. 

A dedicated Nutraceutical merchant account specialist is assigned to you to guide you through the application process.  The goal is for you to obtain fast approval with the lowest possible rates. 

The first item the underwriting team looks at are the products being sold.  Ingredients are checked to confirm that all are legal to be sold in the countries where they are being offered.  Certain ingredients can be offered in some countries while not in others. 

Once the product ingredients are deemed acceptable, websites and marketing materials are examined to verify there are no unproven claims about the products being sold.  This is necessary since some nutraceutical companies were forced closed when government agencies discovered false and misleading marketing associated with products.  As a precaution, underwriters routinely confirm that nutraceutical merchants properly adhere to rules, regulatory guidelines, and operate legally.    

Processing history is reviewed as part of the underwriting process. If chargebacks are low, that’s great.  If they are higher, include an explanation as to the reason and what is being done to bring them under control.

Naturally, be sure that you have enough operating capital in your bank account to substantiate the processing volumes being requested.  This reassures the underwriting team that you have enough money to run the business and cover any chargeback risks associated with your nutraceutical merchant account. 


Tips to Getting Your Nutraceutical Merchant Account Approved

Credit scores for the signer on the account are checked as part of the underwriting process.  If the signer does not have good credit, consider adding a co-signer to help account approval . 

Websites are carefully reviewed.  Be sure all links are working properly.  Privacy, refund, shipping and other policies need to be prominently displayed. 

Emails & phone numbers are often contacted by the underwriting teams to be sure that adequate customer service is being provided.  During the application process, you will not know if an underwriter calls or writes since they appear to be simply another customer contacting you. 

Make sure all calls & emails are answered promptly.  If calls go to voice mail, identify the name of your company and indicate when the caller can expect to hear back from you.  Use auto responders for email letting customers know you received the email and when a response will be sent.   Then respond as promised.

The underwriting team will conduct internet searches for reviews on the company, products, and owners.  Do this yourself prior to submitting an application so you’ll know what’s out there.  Naturally, no company will have perfect reviews.  Still, if negative ones are uncovered, do your best to respond in a positive light and give your side of the story.  This helps demonstrate that you care about your customers. 

Nutraceutical merchants that follow these suggestions increase the likelihood of account approval.  And help you get the lowest rates, highest processing limits, and most flexible reserves


Reasons Nutra Merchants Have High Chargebacks

Nutraceutical merchants are particularly vulnerable to chargebacks.  Most nutra products are not regulated and claims about the products are not backed up by clinical studies or scientific evidence.  Buyers looking for fast fixes purchase the products then claim that they didn’t work.  Initiating a chargeback is easier than taking personal responsibility for proper eating, exercise, or self-care. 

Some nutra merchants sell products via “free trials” that require customers to opt out if they do not want to be billed for more products.  Buyers may forget they agreed to these terms and initiate chargebacks when new charges appear on their credit card statements.

Other times, buyers do not get the results expected from products.  Or have buyers’ remorse after making a purchase.  They then call their issuing bank claiming that the product did not perform as promised and initiate a chargeback.

A certain percent of buyers routinely practice “friendly fraud”.  In these cases, a chargeback is initiated as an attempt to get a product free without paying for it.  Consumers know that their card issuing banks will frequently side with them rather than the nutra merchant.


How Nutraceutical Merchants Keep Chargebacks Low

There are several effective methods for keeping chargebacks under control. 

The easiest method is to clearly display refund policies on your website.  When customers contact you, make it easy for them to get a refund.  Even if you suspect the reason for the refund is not true, issue one anyhow.  This is good customer service.  And helps protect your merchant account from excessive chargebacks. 

Using descriptors that allow customers to clearly identify the purchase is another way to keep chargebacks low.  Nutraceutical merchants are wise to use billing descriptors which clearly identify the product that was purchased and how to contact the company if there are any questions.  This information can also be disclosed on the website and in an email receipt sent to the buyer after the sale is complete.

In addition to letting customers know how the purchase will be displayed on the credit card statement, emailing buyers after the purchase helps control chargebacks.  Reinforce the information that will show on the credit card statements and assure buyers that you want them to be happy with their purchase.  Encourage them to contact your customer service team to discuss any issues.  And send follow up emails to thank buyers, inform them of new products or promotions, and keep up a dialogue with them.

Still, no matter how simple you make it for customers to get a refund, many will call their issuing bank to get a refund rather than contacting you.  Early warning chargeback services let you know when customers called their card issuing banks.  Giving you time to issue the refund before it turns into a chargeback.

Chargeback mitigation services help you fight chargebacks once they occur.  And help you determine which chargebacks you have the best chance of winning.

The card brands offer 3D secure programs to offload the risk of chargebacks by adding an extra security layer at checkout. 


Why Nutraceutical Merchants Choose Us

Here’s some of the reasons nutraceutical merchants report for choosing us as their payment processing provider.

Competitive Rates. Contact us today for a non-obligation rate quotation.

Fast Approvals.  Speed time to market with the processing capacity you require.

Chargeback Prevention & Mitigation.  Stop chargebacks before they occur.  If chargebacks happen, fight the ones you can win.

High Volume Processing.  Get the processing volume you need.  Establish a single high volume merchant account.  Or mitigate processing risk with multiple merchant accounts.  

Domestic & International Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts.  Great option for merchants with a global customer base.  Processing payments through banks in the regions where your customers live gives a huge boost to card approval rates. 

Accept One-Time & Recurring Payments.  Unlimited recurring billing plans are customizable to your business.  Convenient for customers.  Profitable for you.

Multiple Payment Options.  Accept credit & debit cards.  Add echecks for sales lifts up to 30% from US buyers.  Add local “in-country” payment methods to get more sales from international buyers. 

Dedicated Service.  Highly trained customer service representatives understand your business and are committed to your success. 

PCI-DSS Level One Security.  Your nutraceutical payment gateway keeps your business safe while protecting sensitive consumer data. 

Fraud Protection.  Built in fraud fighting tools customizable to meet changing market conditions.  Quickly approve good orders, decline fraudulent ones, and set aside questionable orders for review. 

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