Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

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Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

Accept payments from customers world-wide quickly and easily with nutraceutical merchant accounts.  Gain access to an extensive network of domestic and international banks to satisfy your processing needs. Diversify your nutra merchant accounts to mitigate risk. 

Nutraceuticals include nutrients, dietary supplements and herbal products used by consumers to enhance beauty, improve health, stimulate sexual desire, boost energy & protect biological functions.

Nutraceuticals are a booming industry.  Millions of customers throughout the world consume nutraceuticals on a regular basis.  A nutraceutical products merchant account can be set up for any legal business. 


Nutra Merchant Account Benefits

High volume processing is our specialty. Unlimited volume, without caps on payment processing, is available for qualified companies.  Get the capacity you need to accommodate your growth. 

  • All nutra welcome including free trials, continuity, and deferred billing
  • One-time & recurring payments
  • Sell online with API ecommerce interface
  • Securely enter MOTO transactions with a virtual terminal
  • Alternative payment methods to increase sales
  • Chargeback / fraud protection weapons
  • Robust fraud prevention customizable to your requirements
  • Comprehensive cloud reporting
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS payment gateway protects your business
  • Extensive network of domestic & international banks


How to Apply for Your Nutra Merchant Account

A nutraceutical products merchant account is available for almost all offerings including:  Anti-aging, blood sugar balancing, colon cleansers, dietary / hormonal supplements, immune system boosters, metabolic & musculoskeletal health products, nutritional beverages, skin care, sexual performance enhancers, stress management, vitamins & minerals, weight loss, and workout supplements.

Application for nutraceutical merchant accounts is always free. Minimum monthly processing volume to qualify for an account is $50K.  No startups are accepted.  High volume merchant accounts are our specialty.

To get started, you submit an application form along with supporting documentation.  You will be assigned a dedicated account manager that will work with you to help ensure account approval. 

Supporting documents include payment processing history, proof of identity of the signer on the account, corporate or LLC articles, bank statements, product information, product fulfillment agreements with suppliers, and other relevant data to help underwriters get a full understanding of your business.  

Underwriters will also visit your website, evaluate product offerings, and review the internet for reviews on your company and products. 

Allow 7-10 business days for approval of domestic nutraceutical credit card processing accounts.  Offshore accounts take 14-21 days for approval.


High Risk Merchant Services for Nutraceuticals

While there are many excellent nutraceutical businesses, acquiring banks consider the industry to be high risk. The reason for the high risk classification stems from increased risk of chargebacks, recurring and continuity billing models, and the lack of regulatory standards on nutraceutical products. 

Businesses need nutraceutical merchant accounts to accept payments from buyers.  As more scrutiny is levied at the industry, there are fewer acquiring banks are willing to take on nutraceuticals businesses.

Still, there are many good options for nutraceutical credit card processing accounts.  You can get the processing capacity you need to grow through acquiring banks that welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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