Binary Option/ Forex Merchant Account

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Binary Option/ Forex Merchant Account

PaynetSecure provides binary options & Forex merchant accounts for companies located throughout the world.  Two types of binary option & Forex merchant accounts are available: 

  • Informational / Educational Services. Payment processing service is readily available for both US and international companies. If you provide binary options or Forex software, market research, newsletters, seminars or industry information, you can obtain merchant account services through both US & international acquiring banks. 
  • Trading Platforms. Payment processing for trading platforms is available through an extensive network of international acquiring banks. High volume international merchant accounts are the processing solution of choice for Forex & binary option trading platforms.  In the US, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) banned the use of credit cards to fund retail Forex trading accounts.  Although US customers can still use debit cards can to fund Forex trading accounts, US Forex merchant accounts are not available for trading platforms.  


Applying for a Forex Merchant Account

Application for Forex merchant accounts is always free, with no obligation. 

  • US & international companies are welcome to apply for informational and educational services accounts. Processing history showing a minimum of $50K per month is required to qualify for an account.
  • International trading platform Forex merchant accounts require processing history showing a minimum of $250K per month to apply for an account.  High volume merchants gain access to special services specific to the industry.    

Diversification of payment processing is a prudent strategy for all high volume, high risk merchants.    

  • Establish multiple merchant accounts and load balance processing volumes between accounts.
  • Accept alternative payment methods to get more orders from international traders.  Add popular “in-country” payment options and watch your sales grow. 


Features of Binary Option – Forex Merchant Accounts

PaynetSecure establishes binary options & Forex merchant accounts with the goal of providing you high processing capacity processing needed to grow your business.  With the tools you and your clients require for fast, effective trading. 

  • Choice of banks.  Diversify processing and reduce dependency on a single financial institution. 
  • High volume processing. Get the processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business.
  • High ticket processing. Accommodate your VIP traders with ease.
  • Multicurrency processing. Forex is an international trading platform.  Accept payments and receive settlements in all major world currencies.   
  • Accept multiple payments methods. Take all major card brands.  And accept local payment options preferred in various countries.
  • Extensive fraud management tools. Customizable fraud protection weapons keep processing safe.


Secure Payment Processing

An extensive array of account management & protection tools is included in all Forex merchant accounts.  Identify legitimate transactions, decline fraudulent ones, or set aside questionable ones for manual review.     

  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Protection. The gateway exceeds the most stringent standards for payment processing security. Keeping your business safe.
  • Customize Rules & Filters. Accept, block or set aside for manual review based on geo-location, ticket size, IP address, card issuer, billing addresses, phone, emails, velocity settings for card attempts, high risk parameters, and more.  Sophisticated rule-based cascading filters are easy customizable to the to provide the level of protection desired.
  • White / Black Lists. White list customers authorized for high ticket transactions.  Black list bad customers & fraudsters.
  • Address Verification. Match card data with buyers’ addresses.  Add ID verification services to verify the identity of traders.
  • Card Brand Security Services. Each card brand has a program to help prevent fraud. All programs are available through the payment gateway.


Binary Options – Forex Merchant Accounts Benefits

Successfully accepting payments is the key to business success.  Here’s some of the reasons binary options & Forex merchants chose PaynetSecure. 

  • Multiple acquiring banks help you mitigate processing risk
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS security keeps processing compliant & protects your business
  • High volume processing accounts. Get the processing volume you need to grow your business
  • Multi-currency processing. Accept payments in 165 currencies.  Receive settlement funds from processing in 25 currencies
  • Large ticket VIP payment processing
  • Fraud fighting tools to keep your business safe
  • Chargeback mitigation programs help stop chargebacks before they occur
  • Competitive rates
  • Free technical support
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Increase sales with localized alternative payment methods

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Payments power profits. PaynetSecure specializes in high volume & high risk merchant services. Over the past 18 years, the company has successfully provided proven, reliable & secure payments processing to thousands of US & international businesses. Securely accept cards payments. Add alternative payment methods that drive more orders and accelerate sales. Access specialized processing solutions designed to increase your profits, while reducing risk. Discover top notch service, dedicated support, and devotion to your complete satisfaction. Contact us anytime for a free, no-obligation consultation. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. 


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