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Secure Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway is designed for high volume and high risk merchants who demand best-in-class payment processing.  Advanced technology provides 100% transaction throughput. Level 1 PCI-DSS processing exceeds the most stringent security standards for merchant and cardholder security.

Load balance among merchant accounts. Richly featured cloud reporting for easy management. Quickly access all transactions. Audit trails ensure the integrity of processing. Central dashboard controls all accounts.

Payment Gateway Keeps Your Processing Safe

Securely Sell Online

Connect your website to the secure payment processing networks through a simple-to-install application program interface (API).  Extensive fraud-fighting tools protect your payments.  Automated transaction scoring helps you accept good transactions and decline fraudulent ones. 

Quickly Process MOTO Transactions

Process mail order & telephone orders (MOTO).  Virtual terminals connect to the secure payment network through any computer connected to the internet.  Hierarchical access gives your employees access only to the functions necessary to do their jobs, enhancing your internal security protocols.     

Tokens Secure Payments

When a transaction occurs, a token containing encrypted card information is created, hiding sensitive payment data. Tokenization prevents security breaches and keeps processing safe.



Secure Processing Gateway Protects Profits



The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements which ensure that all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.  Much of the responsibility for PCI compliance can be offloaded to the payment gateway. 

Level 1 PCI-DSS Payment Gateway Protects Your Business

  • Store sensitive payment data in the secure gateway vault.

  • Process payments without storing or transmitting cardholder data.

  • Eliminate your risk & responsibility for data breaches. 

  • Reduce internal costs cost of managing payment processing systems.

Powerful Anti-Fraud Weapons Defeat Cybercriminals

  • Get more good orders. Eliminate bad ones before they occur.  Set aside questionable ones for manual review.
  • Hundreds of transaction validation tests with results returned in seconds.
  • Extensive databases for extra levels of safety
  • Customizable fraud-fighting rules & filters. Establish parameters for accepting and rejecting transactions.

Automated Tools Increase Approvals & Reduce Costs 

  • Identify legitimate sales and decline fraudulent ones
  • Risk scoring models
  • Order velocity monitoring
  • Track buyers’ use of multiple payment types and brands
  • Card verification
  • Positive / negative consumer data from merchants worldwide
  • Address verification
  • IP geolocation
  • Device fingerprinting with packet signature inspection
  • Telephone confirmation / reverse phone look-ups
  • Consumer history of initiating chargebacks
  • Internal positive / negative / review lists
  • Accept / block strategies
  • Methods to minimize international fraud
  • Prevent identity morphing
  • Chargeback retrieval & management tools
  • Consolidated data reviews and audit trails
  • Detect system intrusions &reconstruct events
  • Enhance security and assure payment processing system integrity
  • And much more!

Payment Gateway of Choice for High Volume & High Risk Processing



How the Payment Gateway Simplifies Account Management

The payment gateway accommodates an unlimited number of merchant accounts. All accounts are managed through one dashboard. Centralized transaction processing:

  • Automates business operations
  • Improves customer service
  • Simplifies account reconciliation
  • Increases productivity & lowers overhead

Load Balance Multiple Merchant Accounts

Load balancing enables companies to easily route transactions between different merchant accounts.  Load balancing on the payment gateway can be completely automated. Or, you can manually control the process.  Load balance processing among all accounts. Or set rules to send transactions to different acquirers, based on specific criteria.

Recurring Billing Automates Cash Flow

Automatically process payments on a periodic recurring basis. An unlimited number of recurring billing plans based on amount, duration and frequency are included as a standard feature on all accounts.  Process recurring payments via API, batch upload or virtual terminals.

Fast, Easy Payment Gateway Integration

Feature rich API makes integration and implementation of the payment gateway a breeze. The API is available in multiple programming languages.

Companies with special payment processing requirements save time and reduce costs with free access to the developer’s library. Take advantage of developer applications that can be quickly customized to fit your exact payment processing needs.

Put Our Secure Payment Gateway to Work for You

Transaction Security

Exceeds the strictest compliance requirements for payment processing, Full audit trails ensure the integrity of the processing platform


Safeguards your business against fraud, security breaches, money laundering, compromised data, and unauthorized activities

Enhance Internal Security

Detects intrusions, reconstructs events. Strengthens employer security and user accountability.

Full-stack eCommerce API

Fast connection of processing services to your websites. Integrate payment processing data with your internal systems

Virtual Terminals

Accept MOTO orders securely.

One-time & Recurring Billing

Set up an unlimited number of recurring payment plans for your customers

Cloud Reporting

Immediate access to all the data you need to manage & control your accounts

Account auto correction

Send billing reminders, receipts, & more to your customers

Customize Payment Forms

Easily modify forms to meet the requirements of your business

Multicurrency Processing

Get more sales from international buyers

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