MOTO Virtual Terminal

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Secure Virtual Terminal

Highest Security Level for Safe Transaction Processing

Quickly accept mail and telephone orders (MOTO)

Intuitive order entry screen with payment forms customizable for your business








How does our Virtual Terminal work?





Secure MOTO Virtual Terminal Processing

Enhance Internal Security

Boost internal security protocols to protect your business.  Allow users access only to the functions necessary to perform their job functions.  For example, customer service representatives have different requirements than senior management.  Unlimited levels of hierarchical logins give you complete control over system access.

Tokens Encrypt & Protect

Encrypting sensitive payment data is required for compliant payment processing.  Yet, some of the largest companies in the country have been hacked & card information stolen.  Don’t risk this happening to your business.

Storing payment information makes repeat orders & recurring payments easier & faster for customers.  Tokenization lets you offload the responsibility for storing sensitive payment data to the gateway.     

When an order is placed, sensitive payment data is encrypted & stored in the gateway vault.  When a repeat order or recurring payment is made, the gateway uses the token to process the transaction.   Tokenization of payment data protects sensitive card data.  And simplifies the order process for repeat sales.

Top Features of Virtual Terminals

Accept MOTO Payments

Millions of shoppers want to pay by mail order or telephone order

Accept ACH/Echecks 

Boost sales up to 20%. 

Level 1 PCI-DSS Payment Gateway

Exceeds the highest security standards for safe payment processing

Multiple Merchant Accounts

Distribute virtual terminal transactions among different accounts

Multi-Level Access

Enhance security by giving workers access only to the functions needed to do their jobs

Recurring Billing

Unlimited recurring payment plans stabilize cash flow

Fraud Protection

Extensive fraud fighting weapons help you accept good orders & decline bad ones 

Fast Transaction Processing

Authorization & approvals within seconds

Simple to Use

Intuitive interface increases productivity

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