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Virtual Terminal for Secure Payment Processing

Looking for a way to accept card-not-present & MOTO (mail order / phone orders) payments?  Virtual terminals for secure payment processing are the answer.  Easily accept debit / credit cards, ACH & echeck transactions through any computer connected to the internet.

  • Low Rates.  Discover how much you can save on payment processing. Contact us today for  a free rate comparison.
  • Fast Approvals.  Speed time to market to get more sales faster. Accounts are approved in 1-3 days.
  • Rapid settlements.  Processing funds settle quickly.  Same day or next day settlements are available.
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Virtual Terminal Gateway.  Protects your business and your customers. Advanced technology includes military-grade security to protect your business and your customers. Exceeds the most stringent requirements for compliant payment processing.
  • Extensive Network of Acquiring Banks.  Apply for a single virtual terminal merchant account.  Or diversify  processing among banks to mitigate payment processing risk.
  • Robust Cloud Reporting.  Payment data is available in multiple formats. Easily customize fields.  Display payment processing data in any format you desire.
  • Fraud Fighting Weapons.  Rapidly accept good orders.  Decline fraudulent orders. ones.  And quickly set aside questionable transactions for further review.
  • Increased Productivity.  Virtual terminal payment gateways are integrated with CRM, shopping carts, and accounting systems for seamless exchange of payment information.
  • Chargeback Protection Tools.  Chargeback warning services stop chargebacks before they occur. Chargeback mitigation systems help you fight chargebacks you can win.
  • Superb Customer Service.  Quickly get help when you need it. Experienced, highly trained representatives are committed to your success.


What are Virtual Terminals?

Virtual terminals are commonly used for card-not-present transactions, including telephone & mail order (MOTO) payments.  Unlimited virtual terminals are included with your virtual terminal merchant account. 

Virtual terminals are web-based applications which require no additional software. All computers with internet access can be used as virtual terminals. 

Virtual terminals seamlessly connect to the secure payment processing gateway.  The information received from the virtual terminal is encrypted by the payment gateway, so no sensitive card information is transmitted. The payment gateway sends the encrypted payment data to the secure banking networks.  Transactions are approved or declined within seconds.   

Your representatives sign onto virtual terminals by entering unique usernames & passwords. Hierarchical access to the virtual terminals features lets you control the functions that each user can perform.  For example, your accounting team needs different payment information than do customer service representatives.  And your sales departments may want to view different payment data than your senior executive staff.   

Virtual terminals protect your internal security protocols by allowing your employees to access only the features required to do their jobs.  Safeguard your business against the temptation of fraud or internal theft.  While easily tracking job performances of employees using the virtual terminals.

Most major shopping carts, CRM, and accounting systems are integrated with the virtual terminal payment processing gateway.  This speeds time to market and reduces your internal development expenses.  All virtual payment terminals easily access rich cloud reporting functions, giving you all information needed to effectively manage your business. 

Smooth exchange of payment processing data between your virtual terminal merchant accounts and your internal business systems is simple. Naturally, automation increases productivity while streamlining day-to-day business operations.   


What Types of Businesses Benefit from Virtual Terminals?

Companies in a wide variety of industries use virtual terminal merchant accounts.  All businesses which accept card not present payments can benefit from virtual terminals. Easily process phone, email, mail, or faxed orders (MOTO) through your virtual terminals. You’ll discover that the more ways shoppers can pay you, the more orders you receive.

Some types of businesses are more focused on phone or mail order (MOTO) sales than others.  For example: infomercials; call centers; wholesalers; direct sales; catalog operations; contractors; travel & tourism; restaurants & hospitality; ecommerce; billers; lenders; and service businesses often accept payments by phone, email, mail or fax. 

It’s surprising how many shoppers want talk to a live person before deciding to make a purchase.  Your phone representatives have an unparalleled opportunity to build rapport with customers, Rapport establishes trust.  Trust increases orders.  And provides an excellent route for upselling additional products and services.  The use of virtual terminals along with personalized service solidifies trust in your company and enhances customer satisfaction.

In addition to sales, virtual terminals allow your customer service representatives to solve issues immediately in a  positive fashion.  With virtual terminal merchant accounts, your representatives can quickly correct orders, issue refunds, and make product recommendations which can purchased immediately.  As a result, customers get superior service, which ultimately increases your profits.. 

Even ecommerce merchants benefit from the use of virtual terminals.  Telephone customer service is so important that virtual terminals are included as a standard feature on all ecommerce merchant accounts.  Ecommerce customers often want to talk to a live person before making a purchase. 

Shoppers who call ecommerce merchants like the convenience of being able to complete an order by phone  rather than online.  Some shoppers do not want to enter sensitive payment data on an ecommerce site yet are comfortable providing the information by phone.  In addition, other products can be recommended which increases sales volumes.  Plus, all questions buyers have can be answered on the spot. 

Millions of Americans love to order from catalogs or respond to email and direct mail campaigns as well as buying online.  Shoppers frequently mail, email or call to place an order.  MOTO payments are then processed through a virtual terminal merchant account. 

Virtual terminals are also popular for companies billing on a recurring basis.  For example, utilities, insurance, lenders, entertainment, and other service providers offer customers the opportunity to pay by phone and avoid late fees. 

Secure Virtual Terminal Payment Processing Gateway

Virtual terminals are connected to the secure banking network through the Level PCI-DSS secure payment processing gateway, the highest level of security available for card-not-present payment processing. 

Advanced military-grade encryption protocols are an integral part of the virtual terminal payment processing gateway.  Card data is encrypted before being processed as “tokens”, which eliminates the need to transmit sensitive card data..  The payment processing gateway stores payment data in a secure vault, ensuring safe, secure transmission for both one-time or recurring payments. 

The virtual terminal payment gateway lets you offload responsibility for data breaches, which are increasingly common as seen in recent news stories.  The payment gateway protects you from the risk, expense, and negative publicity that result from data breaches.  Virtual terminals exceed the most stringent requirements for compliant payment processing, keeping your business safe and protecting your customers.   

The virtual terminal payment gateway is also used for multi-channel processing.  The same secure gateway used by virtual terminal merchants is easily integrated with eCommerce sites for online sales. Using an easy-to-install API, you can accept orders online if you decide to do so.

Are Virtual Payment Terminals High Risk?

Merchants across all industries industry classifications use virtual terminals to process payments.  Yet, acquiring banks consider virtual terminals to be a high risk method of accepting payments. 

Virtual terminal payment processing gateways include extensive security features.  Still, payment information is entered manually by people other than actual customers.  This exposes sensitive payment data to a person who is not the buyer, which increases risk. 

When shoppers order by phone or mail, there is less security than when a payment is taken at a retail point of sale location.  And are less secure than when a buyer shops online, where extensive anti-fraud mechanisms can be enabled to guard against cyber criminals. 

Still, when virtual terminals are correctly managed, risks are negligible.  US acquiring banks readily provide virtual terminal merchant accounts to merchants in all industries.  Perceived risk factors are overcome by the outstanding opportunities for the profits virtual merchants offer to payment processors & financial institutions.  

International merchant accounts may or may not include virtual terminals initially. Much depends upon what products / services are being sold and where targeted markets are located.  The risk of fraud is elevated in different parts of the world.  Acquiring banks in some regions may not grant a virtual terminal immediately for high risk merchants.  Rather, the acquiring banks wait until solid payment processing history is established before adding a virtual terminal to the merchant account. 

How to Apply for a Virtual Terminal Merchant Account

Applying for a virtual terminal merchant account is always free, with no obligation.  Virtual merchants are generally approved in 1-3 days. 

To start the process, you submit an application along with supporting documentation about your company. Supporting documents include: Color copy of ID for signer on account, recent bank statements, payment processing statements, voided check from the depository account, and business formation documents.

It’s wise to have a signer on the account with good personal credit.  If credit is not great, consider adding a co-signer with good credit, which will help get the account approved. 


MOTO / Virtual Terminal Merchant Account Approval

Once your virtual terminal merchant account application is received, the application file is submitted to the underwriting team.  Underwriters first verify the information on the application form.  Then, the supporting documents are considered.

Underwriters examine processing statements with an eye to chargebacks. If your chargebacks are low, that’s terrific. If chargebacks are on the rise, it’s helpful to  include a brief explanation of the reasons and what is being done to bring chargebacks under control. Bank statements are reviewed to ascertain that you have enough working capital in your business bank account to support the processing volumes being requested. 

If you have a sell online and want to use the virtual terminal payment gateway on your eCommerce site, take the time to go through the site.  Verify all pages and links load quickly and display properly.  Privacy, return, and shipping information should be displayed, along with customer service contacts and other relevant information. 

If you are a virtual merchant without a website, include marketing materials, pricing lists, sample of sales agreements or an executive overview in your application package.  This enables the underwriter to clearly understand what is being sold along with the terms and conditions associated with the purchase.

These days, it’s common for underwriters to conduct internet searches for reviews on a company or its owners.  It’s a good idea for you to google this information for yourself so you know what’s out there.  Of course, no company has perfect reviews, Still, if you run into less than favorable comments, do your best to respond in a polite & professional manner.  This helps show that you care about customer service as well as your online reputation.

After the application is approved, the virtual terminal merchant account ID is issued. Your login credentials to the virtual terminal payment gateway are sent to you.  And you can start processing immediately.


Protecting Your Virtual Terminal Merchant Account

Below are some best practices to protect virtual terminal credit card processing:

  • Enable address verification.  Matching an address with the one associated with the card lowers processing costs and adds security to payment processing.
  • Obtain the CVV code from the back of credit or debit cards. The CVV confirms that the buyer has the card in hand when making a purchase. 
  • Phone / Mail Verification.  Keep recordings of payment authorizations made by phone. Retain the verification until the chargeback periods for the purchase has passed.  For mail orders, be sure to include a place on the order form for customers to sign authorizing the payment being sent by mail.
  • Change passwords on a regular basis. Virtual terminals give employees access only to the functions necessary to do their job.  Changing passwords regularly is the best protection against internal data breaches.   
  • Enable features. Once the virtual account is approved, the implementation team assists you configuring your virtual terminals to complete order entry successfully with the least effort and at the lowest processing rates available.






Why Virtual Merchants Choose NationalACH

Below are a few of the many reasons businesses chose to establish and diversify virtual merchant accounts using our services:

  • Free application with no-obligation. Our goal is for you to obtain the lowest rates, quickest approvals and best terms.
  • Extensive banking network. Set up a single virtual merchant account.  Or establish multiple virtual terminal merchant accounts to diversify processing among different banks to mitigate risk.
  • High volume merchant account specialists. Quickly obtain the processing capacity needed to accommodate your business growth.
  • Level 1 PCI DSS MOTO payment gateway. Safeguard your business against data breaches.  Protect sensitive card information.  Ensure compliant processing
  • Superb customer service.  Experienced representatives are dedicated to your total satisfaction.
  • Chargeback management tools.  Proven methods to prevent chargebacks before they happen.  And fight chargebacks if they occur. 
  • High risk merchant accounts. All high risk merchants are welcome to apply for virtual terminal payment processing.
  • Fraud prevention tools. Quickly approve good orders.  Decline fraudulent transactions.  Set aside questionable orders for review.   



Top Features of Virtual Terminals

Accept MOTO Payments

Millions of shoppers want to pay by mail order or telephone order

Accept ACH/Echecks 

Boost sales up to 20%. 

Level 1 PCI-DSS Payment Gateway

Exceeds the highest security standards for safe payment processing

Multiple Merchant Accounts

Distribute virtual terminal transactions among different accounts

Multi-Level Access

Enhance security by giving workers access only to the functions needed to do their jobs

Recurring Billing

Unlimited recurring payment plans stabilize cash flow

Fraud Protection

Extensive fraud fighting weapons help you accept good orders & decline bad ones 

Fast Transaction Processing

Authorization & approvals within seconds

Simple to Use

Intuitive interface increases productivity

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