MLM Merchant Accounts

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MLM Merchant Accounts

A MLM merchant account lets you accept payments from distributors and customers world-wide. MLM credit card processing is considered high risk by acquiring banks. Still, there’s no reason for concern.  You have many options for MLM friendly payment processing available to you. 

  • Diversify MLM merchant account processing accounts through our extensive network of US and international banks
  • Accept all major card brands
  • Add echecks as an alternative payment method to get more orders from US customers
  • Gain access to local alternative payment methods preferred by global buyers
  • Pay US distributors fast with same day ACH credits
  • International card issuing programs to pay your international distributors


MLM Payment Processor for High Risk Merchants

Multi-level marketing companies are classified as “high risk” by payment processors due to concerns about legal liabilities, potential chargebacks, and unpredictable growth patterns.  MLM credit card processing is considered high risk, regardless of the type of product or service being sold.

MLM companies have hundreds of thousands of distributors world-wide.  The MLM industry model includes well-run companies with excellent products.  And long track records of creating success for their distributors.

Still, the industry has been plagued by problems over the years.  Scams claiming to be MLM companies have turned out to be pyramid schemes which preyed on unsuspecting distributors and buyers.  And created negative publicity for the industry as a whole.

Despite this, many banks are open to payment processing for the MLM industry.  Your dedicated payment services manager will help you through the application process.  And work with you to ensure the greatest likelihood of account approval. 


Getting Your MLM Merchant Account Approved

Here’s a few suggestions to help boost approval rates for your payment processing account.

  • Check your online reputation. If there are negative comments about your company online or with the BBB, respond in a pro-active way.  Explain your side of the complaint and the steps you’ve taken to resolve the problem. 
  • Processing history. Strong payment processing history goes a long way in overcoming a high risk merchant classification. Your processing statements help demonstrate that you know how to manage a high risk merchant account. 
  • Explain how you manage risk. If you have a high chargebacks or incidences of fraud, provide a short explanation of what you are doing to correct it. 
  • Anticipate questions. Provide short executive overview that answers questions about legal compliance and sustainable growth long-term.
  • Product sales. Show that the majority of your company profits are from product sales to customers rather than selling new recruits expensive front-end training packages.


Why Choose PaynetSecure for your MLM merchant Account?

All accounts include the following features & benefits: 

  • Multichannel processing. Sell products & services anywhere. 
  • Take orders online with a simple-to-install API.
  • Accept MOTO payments with a virtual terminal. 
  • Establish multiple accounts. Load balance all accounts on a single gateway for easy management of your payment processing.
  • US and international acquirers. Choice of banks lets you tailor payment processing to meet the specific requirements of your business. 
  • Get the processing volume you need with no caps on volumes.
  • Multi-currency processing. Accept payments from distributors & buyers world-wide.    Accept 164 Currencies.  Receive settlements in the currency of your choice.
  • Free technical support.
  • 24/7 customer service. Get the answers you need when you need them.
  • Pay distributors through our MLM payment gateway. Ask us about our program to quickly & easily pay distributors, no matter where they are located.

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Payments power profits. PaynetSecure specializes in high volume & high risk merchant services. Over the past 18 years, the company has successfully provided proven, reliable & secure payments processing to thousands of US & international businesses. Securely accept cards payments. Add alternative payment methods that drive more orders and accelerate sales. Access specialized processing solutions designed to increase your profits, while reducing risk. Discover top notch service, dedicated support, and devotion to your complete satisfaction. Contact us anytime for a free, no-obligation consultation. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. 


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