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Global Payment Processing

Global eCommerce creates unprecedented opportunities for you to increase profits.   International eCommerce sales are soaring.  Rapid growth will escalate retail global eCommerce from the current $3.5 trillion per year to almost $5 trillion by 2021.  For companies interested in making more money, international eCommerce is simply too big to ignore.

As domestic markets mature, international eCommerce is the future.  Shoppers world-wide are avidly looking to purchase products and services from American merchants. International merchants are eager to gain access to the robust US eCommerce market.

Companies throughout the world use our global payment processing platform to get more orders from increasingly sophisticated international shoppers.  Easily accept international payments from customers worldwide.



Global Merchant Accounts for International Credit Card Processing

The more ways customers can pay you, the more money you make.  To maximize profits, it is important to offer as many global eCommerce payments as possible.

Global merchant accounts for international credit card processing is a top priority.  The card brands aggressively market throughout the world.  As a result, the demand for debit and credit cards is soaring.  By 2022, there will be 17 billion cards in circulation. 

In addition to the usual card brands, many merchants do not realize that UnionPay is now the largest card brand in the world.  This card is used extensively throughout the Asian-Pacific region and is rapidly expanding throughout the world. 

Online shoppers are looking outside their country’s borders for purchases. International purchases are in the majority in all regions except for North America.

Yet millions of international shoppers are keen to buy American products.  In particular, luxury items and fashion from the US are in high demand world-wide.  If you a US merchant, even if you are not actively marketing globally, accepting all major world card brands on your website is one of the fastest & easiest ways to boost sales.



How to Get More Sales from International Credit Card Processing

Domestic merchant accounts work well for processing transactions from buyers located in the same region as the acquiring bank. Yet processing international ecommerce payments through a domestic acquiring bank results in higher decline ratios for cards.  Declined transactions result in lost sales.

Processing international credit cards through domestic acquiring banks also adds to costs since international credit card processing may be subject to costly cross-border fees.  And there is always the concern about foreign exchange rate fluctuations. 


The secret of reducing costs while increasing sales is to establish multiple global payment processing accounts.  For instance, process European transactions through an European acquiring banks, US transactions through US acquiring banks, Asian transactions through an Asian acquiring banks etc.

In this way, you create an effective, cost-effective network of acquiring banks in the regions where your targeted customers live.  All global merchant accounts are managed from a single dashboard on the global payment gateway providers’ platform.  

As a result, you get the highest card approval rates on your international credit card processing.  While eliminating cross-border fees.  And simplifying foreign exchange management.

Alternative Methods for Global Payment Processing

PaynetSecure provides more than 80 different alternative payment methods worldwide. 

Many countries have alternative payment methods other than cards which are specific to their nation or region. Shoppers in different countries have different payment preferences.  One of the fastest ways to increase sales up to 40% is to accept the alternative payment methods preferred by shoppers in those regions. 

For instance, 1.6 million shoppers in 31 countries prefer to pay with local bank transfers rather than cards.  Think about how many orders you would lose if you don’t offer shoppers the familiar & trusted alternative payment methods they prefer.

Get more orders with no extra work or expense.  Accept alternative payment methods as well as international credit card processing.  And watch your profits grow. 

Multi-Currency Global Payment Processing

Multi-currency pricing is a standard feature on our global payment processing platform.  Accept payments in 160 world currencies.  Receive settlements of your processing funds in all major world currencies. 

Multicurrency processing combined with sites in local languages is key to increasing profits from increasingly savvy international buyers.  Displaying prices in familiar local currency inspires trust.  And encourages shoppers to immediately purchase from you. 

You work hard to drive traffic to your websites.  Getting visitors to your site is a big accomplishment.  When they land on your website, they are primed to make a purchase.  They are not interested in the mathematics or economics of currency conversion.

When shoppers visit, keep them focused on making a purchase.  Accepting international payments in familiar local currencies keeps consumers moving forward instead of getting stuck trying to figure out what items cost in their local currency.  

When customers stop to figure out prices, it creates distraction and confusion. Not sales.  Confused consumers will leave your site.  And quickly click to other sites that offer similar products in familiar currencies that customers understand.   

When you display prices in local currencies, you inspire trust.  Shoppers immediately perceive you as similar to them.  Trust creates an atmosphere which relaxes the shoppers and encourages spending.   Multicurrency payment processing stimulates sales which is simply smart business. 

Applying for Your Global Payment Processing Merchant Account

Applying for international credit card processing account is a straight-forward process.  You submit an application along with documents about your business. 

Supporting documents include:  ID for the signer on the account; payment processing history; voided check for the bank account where processing funds will be settled; business bank statements; and details about your company. 

A dedicated global payment processing specialist guides you through the application process.   The goal is to provide you the lowest available rates, quickest approval, and most favorable terms.  Approvals for global merchant accounts take 5-10 business days from the time the completed application file is received.


How Global Payment Processing Accounts are Approved

When the application file is received, the underwriting team begins its review.  First, the details on the application form, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, emails are verified.  Then the underwriters review your website.

It’s a good idea to go through all pages of your site before submitting your application.  Make sure all pages are loading quickly and are displaying properly.  Confirm that products are adequately described, and pricing is displayed clearly.  Privacy, refund, shipping and other policies need to be shown.  Customer service telephone or emails may be verified to confirm good service is being provided.

Payment processing statements are examined with an eye to monthly volumes, chargebacks and returns.  If you have low chargebacks, that’s good.  If chargebacks are edging up, it’s useful to provide a short explanation of the reasons for higher chargebacks.  And what is being done to keep chargebacks under control.

Bank statements are reviewed, confirming enough operating capital is available to offset processing risk.  Have enough money in your business bank account to support the processing volumes being requested, which helps speed account approval. 

Many times, the underwriting teams does a google search to check the reviews of the company and the owners.  Do this yourself before applying so you know what is being said.  Naturally, no company has perfect reviews.  Still, if you see negative comments, you may want to respond in a positive and polite manner, demonstrating that you care about the experience customers have with your company.

Then, the account is approved. Your merchant identification number is issued. And you can begin processing immediately.


Reasons to Choose PaynetSecure for your Global Payment Processing

For the past 18 years, businesses have used our services to successfully establish international credit card processing and alternative payment merchant accounts world-wide.  Here are some of the reasons:

Extensive Bank Network.  Acquiring banks are located world-wide.  Manage all accounts individually or globally from a single dashboard. 

High Volume Processing.  Global ecommerce is growing much faster than domestic internet sales.  Easily obtain the high volume processing capacity for all your targeted markets. 

Multiple Payment Methods.  Accept all card brands used throughout the world.  Accommodate consumer payment preferences with country-specific alternative payment methods.

Fraud Protection.  As you expand your global merchant accounts, controlling fraud is becomes increasingly important.  Robust, customizable cascading rules & filers let you accept good orders quickly and decline fraudulent transactions. 

Secure Global Payment Gateway Provider Military-grade encryption ensures safe, compliant international credit card processing.  Protect your business and your customers. 

Superb Customer Service.  Experienced representatives provide you the help you need when  you need it.

Multicurrency Processing

Accept orders in 156 currencies. Receive settlements in 25 currencies.

Save Money on Processing

Take advantage of lower intra-region rates. Eliminate cross border fees. Decrease FX expense.

Level 1 PCI-DSS Payment Gateway

Proven reliability exceeds the highest security levels for payment processing.

Fraud-Fighting Weapons

Extensive array of customizable fraud-fighting tools keeps your business safe.

Alternative Payment Methods

Increase sales with alternative payments. Accept local payments options preferred by buyers in each country.

Recurring Payments

Accept one-time & recurring payments. Unlimited number of recurring billing plans included with all accounts.

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