High Risk Credit Card Processing

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High Risk Credit Card Processing

PaynetSecure provides high risk credit payment processing solutions to businesses throughout the world. US & international merchants are welcome to apply. High volume merchant accounts are our specialty. Our goal reducing your current processing rates while providing you the processing capacity you need to accommodate your business growth. 

Accept all major card brands world-wide.  Establish multiple merchant accounts to diversify processing & mitigate risk.  Add alternative payment methods favored by US & international buyers to get more sales.  Process transactions safely through our PCI-DSS Level 1 gateway, the highest level of security for processing payments.

Choice of Acquiring Banks

High risk merchants diversify payment accounts to mitigate processing risk &safeguard business operations.

Domestic & International Merchant Accounts

High volume processing capacity accommodates growth. Perfect for fast-growing businesses & companies that process lots of transactions.

Cloud Reporting

Easily track, manage, & control all transactions. Hierarchical access with unique logins enhances internal security while keeping processing data confidential.

Safe Secure Processing

Level 1 PCI-DSS payment gateway protects your business. Offload responsibility for storage of sensitive card info to the gateway. Reduce liability for data breaches.

Multichannel Processing

Accept payments online. Securely enter mail / phone orders through a virtual terminal. Accept orders from smart phones and tablets


High Risk Credit Card Processing the Easy Way


High Risk Merchant Accounts

Accept all major card brands. Take orders online. Accept MOTO payments with a virtual terminal.

eChecks Increase Orders from US Buyers

Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method in the United States. Millions of Americans regularly pay for goods & services through a bank account rather than using a card.

International Payments for Global Ecommerce

Accept localized payment methods preferred by international shoppers. Country-specific payments boost orders.


Secure High Risk Credit Card Processing

Merchants in all high risk categories are welcome to apply


Fraud-fighting weapons

Customize extensive fraud-fighting tools included in your payment gateway. Accept good orders, Decline bad ones. And set questionable ones aside for review.

Chargeback Management

Keep chargebacks low. Prevent chargebacks before they occur. Fight chargebacks you can win.

Load Balance

Manage multiple accounts from a single payment gateway. Account management, reporting & reconciliation is a breeze.

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