Posted by tina on Sep 06, 2016


Direct Response Companies & Chargebacks

Dealing with credit cards in the US is a bittersweet experience for most direct response companies. US shoppers are very likely to pay by credit card and accepting card payments is critical to the success of your business. On the other hand, there’s the risk of credit card chargebacks.If you..

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Posted by tina on Aug 15, 2016


E-cigarette Merchants Diversify for Success

E-cigarette Merchants Payments Impacted by Regulations The market for e-cigarettes continues to soar.  Online sales of e-cigarette represents an undeniably lucrative market for merchants.Over the past few years, tobacco companies have been pivoting to the e-cigarette market.  Powerful..

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Posted by tina on Jul 26, 2016


Protect Your Customers with Secure Payments

How to Protect Your Customers By Securing PaymentsOnline sales have been growing exponentially. With the rise of online shopping and mobile services, more money is spent digitally than ever before. In fact, a number of experts have predicted the death of cash by 2030.Perhaps it’s time to assess..

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Posted by admin on Nov 27, 2015


credit card processing

Processing with a High Risk Gateway High risk payment processing gateways give you a solid backbone and reliable infrastructure for high speed transaction processing with 100% completion rates.  High risk gateways outperform most financial banking networks. While providing special features for..

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