High Volume Merchant Accounts

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High Volume Merchant Accounts

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Process payments with ease with your high volume merchant account. Whether you are a fast-growing company or an established business, high volume credit card processing accounts are available to accommodate you.

Set up a single high volume payment processing account. Or establish multiple accounts to avoid depending on one bank for all your processing needs. Multiple accounts are boarded on a special payment gateway designed for high volume merchants. 

  • Level 1 PCI-DSS gateway protects your business
  • Extensive network of US & international banks
  • Load balance processing among accounts
  • Central dashboard simplifies management
  • Rich cloud reporting
  • Fraud fighting tools keeps processing safe
  • Seamless data exchange with internal systems increases productivity

Alternative Payments Boost Profits

The easiest way to get more sales is to to add alternative payments.  

  • Millions of US shoppers prefer to pay you through a bank account with an echeck rather than a card.  
  • International buyers have payment preferences that vary by country. Accept the payment methods preferred in your targeted markets and watch your sales grow.

Stop worrying about arbitrary caps on processing. Instead, concentrate on selling your products and services, secure in the knowledge that you can accept payments for all of your orders.  High volume merchant accounts give you the capacity to process all your sales safely & securely.


Qualifying for a High Volume Credit Card Processing Account

To qualify for a high volume merchant account you need to process at least $100,000 per month. Most high volume merchants process substantially more.  US and international merchants are welcome to apply. 

It is helpful to have processing history. From an underwriting standpoint, processing history demonstrates your ability to properly manage high volume merchant accounts, keeping chargebacks and fraud within acceptable ratios for the card brands.  Some banks will not accept an application without processing history.

Sometimes processing statements may not be required. If you do not have history, you can submit a business plan, management resumes, and financial documents (business or personal) supporting the amount you are requesting for processing.     


How to Apply for a High Volume Merchant Account

Applying for a high volume merchant account is the same as applying for a standard processing account. An application is completed and submitted along with supporting documents.  

In reviewing the application file, the underwriter will look at all the information submitted to determine:

  • Processing volumes & history
  • Average & high tickets
  • Management experience
  • Fulfillment details, including shipping & return policies
  • Bank statements to ascertain that there is enough capital available to cover contingent liabilities, such as fraud or chargebacks
  • Signer’s personal credit is good. If personal credit is not good, consider adding a co-signer with excellent credit to your application

Depending upon your industry, offshore high volume merchant accounts can be a good option for you. Many international acquiring banks have more liberal underwriting guidelines and greater tolerance for certain industries than US bank acquirers.  

PaynetSecure has long-term, trusted relationships with both US and international acquiring banks. Your account representative is highly trained and ready to guide you to the best acquiring banks for your business.


Tips for Increasing Your Processing Capacity

Once approved, use these tips to grow your high volume merchant accounts.  

Most US processors will entertain an increase in volume after 3-6 months of history has been established.  International merchant accounts usually don’t have caps on volume.  In fact, most offshore banks prefer high volume merchants. 

  • Request an increase in your volume as you approach your current limits. Let the processor know the reason for the request.  For example, a new advertising campaign, additional products, additional targeted markets etc.
  • Manage your merchant account to keep chargebacks low. Your account representative will advise you of the many tools available to you that will help you prevent chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.
  • Maintain superb customer service. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to contact you.  Return calls & emails promptly. 
  • Make sure orders are fulfilled in the time frame promised. If you outsource fulfillment, monitor your fulfillment company on a regular basis to assure they are meeting your customers’ expectations.
  • Keep a close eye on your online reputation. If you discover complaints filed with the BBB, industry review sources, or other sites, answer them.  Do your best to resolve the issues.  Be proactive and protect your reputation. Remember, underwriters look at online reputation of companies.  And your potential customers do too.  

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