Posted by admin on Feb 09, 2011


What is a High Risk Processing?High risk processing is a term used by acquiring banks to describe accounts that present a greater likelihood of contingent liabilities for the bank.  High risk processing accounts have a statistically greater likelihood of chargebacks, fraud, and financial loss for..

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Posted by admin on Jan 18, 2010


Smart phones are taking over and payments on mobile phones are becoming accepted ways of sending and receiving money for millions of people. According to research company Javelin Strategy and Research, mobile phone companies will be controlling the customers and be the channel of payment flow, not..

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Posted by admin on Jan 15, 2010


According to a survey from ABI Research , businesses are vulnerable to loss of sensitive and confidential information because mobile phone calls are being intercepted. Close to 80% of companies use mobile phone to discuss private information but only 18% have call security procedures in place.A..

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Posted by admin on Jan 13, 2010


Dutch security firm XS4All reports that a worm can infect iPhones and permit hackers to steal information from them. The worm, attacks iPhones that users have altered with software with which the phone can run programs not approved or supported by Apple.The worm discovered by XS4All was directed at..

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