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International Merchant Accounts

Global eCommerce is a huge growth opportunity for internet merchants. Demand from global online shoppers is set to increase by 50% in the coming year.  Customers world-wide are eager to buy goods & services from American merchants.  And international companies want to get more orders from US shoppers.  Whether you are US or global eCommerce merchant, international merchant accounts give you the ability to accept payments quickly and easily from buyers anywhere in the world.  




Accept Payments Worldwide with International Merchant Accounts

The secret of saving money & increasing sales for global eCommerce is to use a payment processing platform with a network of banks located in regions in which you do business. International merchant accounts give you these benefits:

  • Higher approval rates for international cards
  • More sales with multi-currency processing
  • Save money by taking advantage of lower “in-country” interchange
  • Eliminate cross-border processing fees
  • Reduce foreign exchange expense
  • Accept localized payments boosting orders from international buyers
  • Lower the cost of sales

Issues with Domestic Processing for International Payments

Domestic merchant accounts are great for processing transactions from domestic buyers.   Yet when using a domestic account for international sales, businesses often experience these challenges:

  • High decline rates for international cards
  • Longer settlement times
  • Costly cross-border payment processing fees
  • Uncertainties associated with currency conversion
  • No way to accept localized payment methods favored by international shoppers

The smartest international eCommerce strategy is to establish international merchant accounts in multiple regions. This gives you the ability to process US transactions through a US bank, European transactions through an EU bank, Asian transactions through an Asian bank and so forth. All banks in the network are integrated into a single payment processing platform and are easily managed from a central dashboard.

International Merchants Boost Sales with Local Payments

The more sales options you offer your customers at checkout, the more sales you make.  Give your customers the ability to pay you with alternative payment methods and watch your sales grow.

In the US, electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment option.  Capture sales from buyers who don’t have cards, are maxed out on cards, or simply prefer to pay from a bank account rather than a card.

Internationally, local bank transfers and country specific payment options are frequently preferred over cards.  Get more sales by accepting payments from 1.6 billion online banking customers in 31 countries world-wide.

  • Increase orders from customers up to 40%
  • Guaranteed funds with fast settlement.
  • Eliminate fraud and chargebacks
  • Transactions are authorized in real time

Many nations have payment methods specific to their country. You can enable all preferred alternative payment methods through your international merchant accounts payment gateway.

International Merchant Account Solutions

Multi-Currency Processing

Accept payments & receive settlements in all major world currencies. Displaying pricing in local currency increases buyers’ trust in your company. And keeps shoppers focused on making a purchase rather than figuring out currency conversion.

Secure Payment Processing

PCI-DSS Level 1 gateway. Exceeds the highest security levels for safe payment processing.

Safeguard Your Business

Extensive customizable fraud-fighting weapons help you accept good orders and decline fraudulent ones. Chargeback protection services manage chargebacks for you.


Ecommerce Payment Processing

Full stack API. Quick connection to your ecommerce website. Or integrate the payment processing gateway into your internal systems for easy exchange of payment processing data.

Virtual Terminals

Securely accept MOTO transactions. Many shoppers prefer to pay you by phone, fax or mail. Intuitive interface is simple to use. Hierarchical logins enhance internal security.

Cloud Reporting

Multiple international merchant accounts are easily managed from your control panel. Streamline account management. Simplify account reconciliation. Easily import or export data. Extensive reporting customizable to your business requirements.

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