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International Merchant Accounts

US and global eCommerce companies establish international merchant accounts to accept payments from customers world- wide smoothly & cost efficiently. Ecommerce has dissolved country borders for shoppers. Regardless of where your customers live, international merchant accounts make it quick & easy for you to accept payments from them.

  • Low Rates. Cost-effective payment processing increases your profits.
  • Fast Approvals. Speed time to market & quickly drive new sales.
  • Multi-Currency Processing. Accept payments & receive settlements in all major world currencies.
  • High Volume Payment Processing. Get the processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business.
  • Multiple Payment Methods. Accept all major card brands. Add “in-country” local payment options to quickly boost sales.
  • Accept Payments Anyway You Want. Ecommerce API for websites, virtual terminals for mail/phone (MOTO) orders, mobile devices, apps, and batch uploads.
  • Fraud Protection Weapons. Tools to help you accept good orders, decline fraudulent transactions, & set aside questionable ones for review.
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS International Merchant Account Gateway. Keep your business safe while protecting sensitive customer data. Integrates with CRM & shopping carts.



International Merchant Accounts Power Rapid Growth in Global Ecommerce

Last year, almost 2 billion people world-wide purchased goods or services online.  Global eCommerce is now worth $2.8 trillion per year.  By 2021, the market will soar to a staggering $4.8 trillion.

Is there a market for your products & services outside of your home country?  You bet there is.  And that market will only continue to escalate in the coming years. 

The world is rapidly transforming into one giant marketplace.  Claim your spot in the booming global eCommerce market. Research the regions that best fit your products & services.  Build good sites and communicate your message.

Display prices in local currencies.  Inspire consumer trust by accepting all the familiar payment methods buyers expect to see. 

Literally billions of potential customers are only a click away from purchasing from you.  International merchant accounts are the key to maximizing your products from this vast and growing market. 

Issues with Domestic Processing for International Payments

Domestic merchant accounts are great for processing transactions from domestic buyers. Yet when using a domestic account for international sales, businesses often experience these challenges:

  • High decline rates for international cards
  • Costly cross-border payment processing fees
  • Uncertainties associated with currency conversion

International merchant accounts eliminate these issues.  Creating more profits for you

International Merchant Accounts for Global Ecommerce Success

The secret of saving money while increasing sales for your global eCommerce initiatives is to use a payment processing platform with a network of banks located in the regions where your targeted customers live.  

The smartest global eCommerce strategy is to establish international merchant accounts in the primary regions where you do business.  For example, process US transactions through a US bank, European transactions through an EU bank, Asian transactions through an Asian bank and so forth. All banks in the network are integrated into a single payment processing platform and are easily managed from a central dashboard.

Many nations have payment methods specific to their country. You can enable all preferred alternative payment methods through your international merchant accounts payment gateway.

How Multi-Currency Processing Increases Orders

Multicurrency processing combined with sites in local languages are the backbone of maximizing profits from an increasingly sophisticated international consumer

When shoppers visit your site, keep them focused on making a purchase.  Distractions such as converting prices to local currencies leads to confusion, not to sales.  Confused shoppers are likely to leave your site and click on to others with similar products sold in familiar currencies that customers quickly relate to.   

Consumers want to buy from you.  They are not interested in the mathematics or economics of currency conversion. Make it simple for shoppers to know the cost of products or services by displaying prices in currencies that buyers instantly understand.

When you display prices in local currencies, buyers trust you more.  Shoppers perceive you as similar to them.  Immediately creating an atmosphere that relaxes the shopper and encourages spending. 

The more comfortable shoppers are on your site, the more sales you make.  Encouraging your customers to buy from you with multi-currency processing is simply smart business. 

Accept payments in 160 currencies globally.  Receive settlement of processing funds in all major world currencies.


International Merchants Boost Sales with Local Payments

The more sales options you offer your customers at checkout, the more sales you make.  Give your customers the ability to pay you with alternative payment methods and watch your sales grow.

In the US, electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment option.  Capture sales from buyers who don’t have cards, are maxed out on cards, or simply prefer to pay from a bank account rather than a card.

Internationally, local bank transfers and country specific payment options are frequently preferred over cards.  Get more sales by accepting payments from 1.6 billion online banking customers in 31 countries world-wide.

  • Increase orders from customers up to 40%
  • Guaranteed funds with fast settlement
  • Eliminate fraud and chargebacks
  • Transactions are authorized in real time

Many countries have payment methods specific to their nation. You can enable all preferred alternative payment methods through your international merchant accounts payment gateway.


Applying for an International Merchant Account

Applying for an international merchant account is a straight forward process.  You submit an application along with documents about your business. 

Supporting documents include:  ID for the signer on the account; voided check for the bank account where processing funds will be settled; business bank statements; payment processing history; and details about the business entity. 

When you decide to move forward with an application, a dedicated international processing specialist is assigned to help you through the process.  Our goal is to provide you the fastest approval, lowest available rates, and most favorable terms.  Approvals for international merchant accounts take 5-10 business days from the time the completed application file is received.

How Underwriters Review International Merchant Accounts

When reviewing an application, underwriters confirm the details on the application are accurate.  Addresses, phone numbers, emails, and corporate documents are verified.

All pages on your websites are reviewed.  The underwriters confirm that products or services are adequately described, and pricing is displayed clearly.  Privacy, refund, shipping and other policies are read.  Customer service email or telephone numbers may be checked via “cold-calls” to verify good service is being provided.

Underwriters will review processing history.  If you have low chargebacks, that’s great.  If chargebacks are edging up, provide a short explanation in the application package.  Explain the causes of higher chargebacks & describe what are doing to keep chargebacks under control.

Bank statements are examined to confirm there is enough operating capital to offset processing risk.  Having enough money in your business bank account to support the requested processing capacity is wise.  And helps speed account approval. 

Most underwriters perform a google search to check the reputation of the company.  Do this yourself so you’ll know what is turning up.  Naturally, no company is going to have perfect reviews.  Still, if you see negative comments, do your best to respond in a positive and polite manner.  This demonstrates that you care about the experience customers have with your company.


Reasons International Merchant Choose Us

For the past 18 years, businesses have used our services to successfully establish international merchant accounts world-wide.  Here are some of the reasons:

Extensive Bank Network.  Acquiring banks are located throughout the world.  All accounts are managed from a single dashboard.  View & manage accounts individually or globally.

High Volume Processing.  Get the processing capacity required for all your targeted markets. 

Multiple Payment Methods.  Accept all card brands.  Add alternative payment methods popular in different countries to accommodate customers’ payment preferences.

Fraud Protection.  As you go global, controlling fraud is important.  Customizable cascading rules & filers allow quick response to changing market trends.

Secure Payment Gateway.  Military-grade encryption keeps transactions safe.  Compliant payment processing protects your business & your customers. 

Customer Service.  Highly trained representatives are dedicated to your success.  Get the help you need when you need it.

International Merchant Account Solutions

Multi-Currency Processing

Accept payments & receive settlements in all major world currencies. Displaying pricing in local currency increases buyers’ trust in your company. And keeps shoppers focused on making a purchase rather than figuring out currency conversion.

Secure Payment Processing

PCI-DSS Level 1 gateway. Exceeds the highest security levels for safe payment processing.

Safeguard Your Business

Extensive customizable fraud-fighting weapons help you accept good orders and decline fraudulent ones. Chargeback protection services manage chargebacks for you.


Ecommerce Payment Processing

Full stack API. Quick connection to your ecommerce website. Or integrate the payment processing gateway into your internal systems for easy exchange of payment processing data.

Virtual Terminals

Securely accept MOTO transactions. Many shoppers prefer to pay you by phone, fax or mail. Intuitive interface is simple to use. Hierarchical logins enhance internal security.

Cloud Reporting

Multiple international merchant accounts are easily managed from your control panel. Streamline account management. Simplify account reconciliation. Easily import or export data. Extensive reporting customizable to your business requirements.

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