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Telemedicine Merchant Account

Are you a telemedicine services company that needs to accept payments from patients?  Or a telehealth software firm that wants to integrate payments as a value-added service?  You’ve come to the right place. Establish telemedicine merchant accounts quickly and easily.  And watch your business grow. 

  • Low Rates.  Competitive rates combine with top-notch technology.  Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison. Discover how much you can save.
  • Multiple Payment Methods. Accept all credit / debit and HSA cards.  Easily accept payments from bank accounts with ACH electronic checks. 
  • Recurring Billing.  Unlimited recurring payment plans. Convenient for patients.  Profitable for you.
  • Multi-Channel Payments.  Accept payments online and through in-apps. Take phone / mail orders (MOTO) with unlimited virtual terminals. Upload large files for rapid processing of bulk files.
  • Electronic Invoicing. Save money on billing. Get paid faster. Send invoices with embedded “click-to-pay” link.
  • Telemedicine Services Payment Gateway. Military grade encryption protects sensitive payment data.  Secure payment processing exceeds the most stringent requirements for compliant, safe payment processing.
  • Extensive Bank Network. Set up a single merchant account or diversify processing among multiple accounts. 
  • Robust Reporting.  Simplify account management. View and manage processing information in a variety of formats.  Easily import / export all data to enhance productivity. 
  • Superb Customer Service.  Highly trained representatives. Get the help you need when you need it. 


What Are Telemedicine Merchant Accounts?

Telemedicine merchant accounts give telehealth companies and telemedicine software providers the ability to accept payments quickly and easily.  Accept all debit, credit and HSA cards.  And electronically debit bank accounts with ACH echecks.

Telemedicine allows healthcare professions to treat patients real time through the use of technology.  Smartphones, video internet conferences, email, electronic health records and wearable health monitoring devices are some of the tools used to provide telehealth services. 

Patients save time and money using telemedicine rather than travelling to a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital.  Medical providers effectively treat more patients via telemedicine, reducing overhead costs while increasing profits.


What Types of Companies Need Telemedicine Merchant Accounts?

Medical service providers are now increasing offering telehealth services to accommodate consumer demand for accessible health care services.  Patients who use telehealth are billed for the care received, in the same way as patients are billed for an office, clinic, or hospital visit. 

Telemedicine is simply another channel through which healthcare services are delivered.  A telemedicine merchant account gives you the ability to accept debit, credit, HSA cards, and ACH echecks for telehealth services.     

Some medical providers add telemedicine merchant accounts a part of a unified medical payment processing platform. Others use the accounts to process payments for only for telehealth services. 

We also provide payment processing to ancillary businesses serving the medical market.  These include medical equipment sales; medical manufacturers; medical retailers; and allied health care service providers. 


Benefits of Payment Processing to Telemedicine Software Platforms

Software platforms that specialize in telehealth are keenly interested in integrating payment processing with telemedicine software to gain a competitive edge in the rapidly expanding telemedicine marketplace.

Payment processing is a value-added feature for telehealth software companies.  Clients using telemedicine software need merchant accounts to accept payments from patients. It’s simply good business to give your clients what they need. Integrating payment processing with your telehealth software enhances your value proposition to your clients.     

Clients appreciate the ease and convenience of having payment processing integrated the telemedicine software.   Telehealth software companies benefit from the additional revenue streams which help boost bottom line profits. 

Integration of merchant accounts with telehealth software is accomplished through an API connection to the secure telemedicine payment processing gateway.  Telemedicine software companies interested in integrating payment processing as a value-added feature are welcome to contact us for additional information. 


Applying for Telemedicine Merchant Accounts

For medical & allied health care providers, applying for your telehealth merchant account is a straight-forward process.  An application is submitted along with supporting documents. 

Supporting documents include:  Color copy ID for the signer on the account; voided check for the account to which processing funds will settle; 3 months business bank statements; 3 months of payment processing statements; and information about the business.

Approvals for US telemedicine merchant services take 1-3 business days for approval from the time the completed application file is received.  International telehealth merchant accounts take 7-14 business days for account approval, due to time zone differences. 

Telemedicine software companies that want to integrate telehealth merchant accounts with their platforms can easily do so.  It’s a great value-add service for your clients, saving them time & money.  Contact us today for details.  


Growth of Telemedicine Industry

The United States currently spends 17.2% of its annual gross domestic product (GDP) on healthcare.  This rate is on a steep escalation curve, with costs projected to increase drastically over the next decade. 

America has the highest healthcare costs of any developed nation yet delivers the lowest service levels to patients compared to other countries.  The US desperately needs lower cost and better health care delivery to assist medical professionals in treating patients. 

Telemedicine is a key element is providing more affordable & effective health care.  The US telehealth market is expected to grow to over $38 billion by 2022.  Globally, the telemedicine market will exceed $78 billion by 2025.

Do US consumers believe in telehealth?  You bet they do.  America is now the largest and quickest growing telemedicine market in the world

Patients are eagerly embracing telehealth as effective, cost-saving alternative method of receiving medical care.

The acceptance of telemedicine is demonstrated by American Well’s Telehealth Consumer Index.  The survey confirmed that 50 million US patients would switch health care providers to gain access to telehealth services. 


Health Care Providers and Telemedicine

The telemedicine market includes medical providers from all disciplines.  Neurology, internal medicine, orthopedics, gynecology; emergency care, dermatology, and cardiology practices are all enhancing patient care through the use of telehealth consultations. 

Currently, dermatologists represent the largest users of telemedicine.  Still, other disciplines are quickly adding telehealth services.  Neurologists are expected to be the fastest growing sector in the coming years due to increasing numbers neurological patients created by strokes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.   Emergency care physicians and cardiologists are also quickly adding telemedicine to their practices.

Telemedicine merchant accounts are also valuable for teleconsultation, teletraining, and on-going telecare. 

Telemedicine is transforming the way health care is delivered.  A few years ago, few of us imagined that we would be able to visit a doctor from the comfort of our homes.  Now, telehealth services are becoming the norm, touching almost every part of the healthcare delivery system.


Why Choose PaynetSecure for Your Telemedicine Merchant Account?

For more than 20 years, businesses have successfully used our services to establish and diversify payment processing accounts.  Here are a few reasons companies choose us for telemedicine merchant accounts.

  • Free Application.  And no set up fees.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction and a long-term relationship with you.    
  • Fast Approvals.  Speed time to market and gain a competitive edge. 
  • Low Rates.  Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison.  We will beat any competitive rate by 10% or more.
  • Multiple Payment Methods.  Accept all debit, credit, HSA cards and ACH echecks.  Make it easy for patients to pay you.
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Telemedicine Payment Gateway.  Safest way to protect sensitive patient data and ensure compliance with all health care requirements.
  • Serious Support.   Get answers quickly from highly trained representatives dedicated to your success.
  • Fraud Protection.  Extensive fraud-fighting weapons.  Quickly accept good orders and decline fraudulent ones. 
  • Boost Productivity.  Payment processing is easily integrated with telehealth software, CRM, shopping carts, and internal business systems.  Streamlines business operations. 
  • Chargeback Protection.  Mitigate processing risk.  Wide range of tools protect your business from loss. 

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