Posted by admin on Jan 15, 2019


Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a big problem for ecommerce businesses. Shoppers visit a site, put items in the cart, click checkout and then do not buy. According to research by eMarketer, 60% of US online retailers are experiencing shopping cart abandonment rates of over 20% this year. What..

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Posted by admin on Mar 15, 2014


Credit Card Payment Processing

Payment Processing for High Risk Merchants Banks classify merchants as high risk when the business is associated with a particular type of industry.  Certain industries have a greater likelihood of chargebacks than do others.The potential for more chargebacks increases the contingent liabilities..

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Posted by admin on Dec 18, 2013


international merchant accounts

International Merchant Accounts for Global Ecommerce The Asia-Pacific region represents tremendous opportunities for merchants that want to capture sales from international customers.  Forrester Research predicts that five Asia-Pacific markets will overtake ecommerce in the West within the next..

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Posted by admin on Nov 22, 2013


China Union Pay Processing

China Union Pay Merchant AccountsOffering China Union Pay at checkout is part of the strategy to get more orders from Chinese customers.  Yet companies that have the card often complain that millions of dollars in sales are being lost.The main issue is that the payment page times out before the..

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