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Online Dating Merchant Accounts

Are you looking for payment processing for your online dating site?  You’ve come to the right place.  We provide online dating merchant accounts designed to meet the special requirements of dating apps and internet dating sites.  

  • Low rates with fast approvals.  Speed time to market while saving money on payment processing.
  • Merchant accounts for all dating sites.  Adult online dating: GLBT dating sites; age-related, cultural or religious dating sites; geographic dating sites, alternative life style dating websites; and niche dating sites.
  • Subscription billing.  Unlimited recurring payments / subscription billing plans are a standard feature on all online dating merchant accounts.
  • US and international online dating merchants are welcome.
  • Mobile payment app.  Members signup quickly & easily using up using cell phones.
  • Multiple dating merchant accounts.  Add additional processing capacity.  Or get different accounts for each of your niche markets.  Simplify account management by boarding all accounts on a single gateway.
  • Diversify payment options. Accept credit & debit cards.  Add echecks for more sales from US members.  Add international payment methods for global members.
  • Banking-level security. Powerfully secure payment gateways protect your business and your members with military grade encryption for secure data transmission.


Credit Card Processing for Online Dating Merchants

Having the right dating merchant account is vital to your success in an increasingly competitive industry.  With over 8000 dating sites worldwide, and more being added every day, competition is fierce. 

PaynetSecure provides online dating merchant accounts specifically designed for credit card processing of online, in-app, and MOTO transactions.  Card payments are the greatest source of your cash flow.  Accepting card payments with smooth efficiently is the key your profitability.  

Payment processing fees impact your profit margins.  Therefore, it’s important to obtain the lowest rates, with the most favorable terms, on your online dating merchant account.  For this reason, we offer low rates from the start.  And will beat any competitive offer you may receive elsewhere. 


Online Dating Merchants Experience Unprecedented Opportunity for Growth

Online dating is one of the fastest growing internet businesses, generating revenues over $3 billion per year.   Online dating sites are now mainstream & rapidly replacing more traditional methods of connecting.    

The Statistic Brain Research Institute reports 49.7 million Americans have used online dating sites to meet potential partners. reports that 80% of Americans agree that online dating sites are an effective way to meet new people. Over 19% of couples who marry meet online. And partners whose marriages resulted from online meeting report more satisfaction along with decreased divorce rates during the first year of marriage. 

Online dating continues to trend upward, with 5.6% growth rate over the past five years.  Whether you are a mainstream dating site or serve a niche market, you can get the payment processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business.


Recurring Billing for Apps and Online Dating Merchants

Dating apps & websites use a recurring payment models, with various subscription options. Unlimited recurring billing plans are a standard feature in all dating merchant accounts. 

Easily customize subscription payment option to meet the demands of your business. Once recurring payments are set up payments continue until the end of the term or until you or the customer cancels the payments. 

There are two primary payment methods used for recurring the US, cards & echecks. To maximize your sales, offer both at checkout.  The more ways customers can pay you, the more orders you receive. 

Recurring payments stabilize cash flow & give customers a convenient way to pay you.  And, when managed correctly, increase the long-time value of a customer to your business.

Additionally, preferred “in-country” payment methods can be added to capture more sales from international customers.  Analysis of your targeted markets will reveal which payment options are preferred in which countries. 


Recurring & Subscription Billing Included in All Online Dating Merchant Accounts

Debit & credit cards are the most popular payment method for US consumers.  Card payments are also growing in usage throughout the world as the card brands heavily promote their various card offers to international customers. 

Recurring billing for card payments includes tokenization to protect consumer data.  Transactions are encrypted and securely stored in the gateway.  By offloading the responsibly for card security to the payment gateway service you reduce your processing risk. Helping to keep your business safe.

In the US, more than 20% of cards are reissued each year due to lost or stolen cards, expired cards, and bank security issues.  A card updater service will help you automate the process of keeping cards current, minimizing revenue leakage &, protecting recurring billing income.


Echecks Increase Revenues for Online Dating Merchants

Accepting electronic checks gives online dating merchants  sales lifts of 10-30%, depending on your market. 

With echecks members pay you through a bank account rather than a card.   This is a great option for consumers that don’t have cards, are maxed out on cards or simply prefer to pay you through a bank account rather than a card.  And, if a card declines at checkout, offering an alternative payment method can rescue the sale. 

At echeckout, consumers enter bank routing & account numbers rather than card info. Funds are automatically debited from the buyer’s bank account on a one-time or recurring basis. 

Electronic checks are the gold standard for “set it and forget it” recurring billing.  Echecks provide extremely stable long-term recurring payments.  Consumers seldom change bank accounts because household bills are linked to the bank account as well as direct deposit of wages.  Therefore, there is far less need to update payment details for echecks than cards. 


Online Dating Merchant Accounts Challenges

Many banks view online dating merchants as adult oriented businesses.  Naturally, this makes sense since the reason consenting adults use dating apps or sites is to meet, date or find partners.  While many dating sites do not display explicit adult content, there are others that do.

Regardless of the specific content of your app or site, online dating merchants are considered high risk.  Even online dating sites companies with excellent processing history can face challenges obtaining merchant accounts or gaining access to additional processing capacity.  The reasons go beyond content.

The biggest reason online dating merchants are considered high risk is that online dating sites & dating apps statistically experience higher chargebacks than lower risk merchants.  Chargebacks occur when customers forget to cancel a subscription, don’t find compatible partners, or find a compatible mate and no longer need to use online dating. 

A practice known as “friendly fraud” can also be an issue for online dating merchants.  Some consumers have buyer’s remorse after signing up and initiate a chargeback.  No matter how good your refund policy may be, certain consumers will till call their card issuing bank to cancel rather than contacting you.  Consumers may also attempt to chargeback several months of recurring billing cycles. 

Including chargeback mitigation and management services with your online dating merchant account reduces the impact of chargebacks on your business.  Chargeback prevention reduces risk by giving you the opportunity to refund customers before a dispute becomes a chargeback.  Chargeback management helps you fight chargebacks after they occur.


How to Apply for Your Adult Dating Merchant Account

Applying for an adult dating merchant account is simple. You submit an application form along with supporting information about your business. 

You receive customized credit card processing solutions designed to accommodate your business requirements.  Along with secure online dating merchant account gateways and specialized programs to decrease processing risk. 

Online dating sites & apps have the same rights to access credit card processing as any other business. Get payment processing for your online dating site & dating app merchant accounts quickly & easily. Without the runaround & hassle that other credit card processing services put you through. 

Once you decide to move forward with an application, a high-risk merchant account specialist is assigned to you. The specialist works closely with you to get your account approved fast. You are guided through the application process step-by-step which assures that your application has the best prospect of account approval.  After your online dating merchant account is approved, on-going customer service is provided 24/7. 


Approval Times for Online Dating Merchants

The most important element for fast approvals is the application package.  Including all the requested documents helps the process proceed quickly. Provide a sample login so the underwriting team can view what members see. Current payment processing history is also useful for fast-tracking approvals.   

US online dating merchants are approved in 3-7 business days.  Once approved, integration to your online dating site or dating app is quickly accomplished through an API connection.

If you have an international customer base, consider adding offshore online dating merchant accounts in regions outside of the US.  This will result in higher card approval ratios from global customers.  International merchant accounts take 7-14 business days for approval. 

Committed to the Success of Online Dating Merchants

Our company has assisted high risk businesses obtain solidly dependable payment processing accounts for almost 20 years.  Our experienced team of experts understand the needs of online dating merchants. 

We work diligently to get you the payment processing capacity you require.  And help you control chargebacks and other processing risks to protect your cash flow and maintain your profit margins.   

Take advantage of our free consultation and no-obligation application.  We are always happy to review your current processing statements with the goal of reducing your rates.   

Online dating merchants will experience substantial growth as the internet continues to influence the ways in which we meet, date, & marry.   It is now the norm that relationships are begin and are nurtured via online dating sites &  apps.   Contact us today to take advantage of the trend by using our services to get the payment processing you need to power your online dating sites & apps.

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