Crypto Payments for High-Risk Merchants

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Crypto Payments for High-Risk Merchants

Ready to Accept Crypto Payments? Here are the Industries We Serve

Let us help you grow by establishing safe and secure crypto merchant accounts across a wide range of industries. Take a look at the industries we serve!

Facilitating Crypto Payments on a Global Scale

Spread your wings and expand your business with the power of cryptocurrency backing you up. Accept payments from across the globe with crypto checkout capabilities on your website or application. By setting up a secure crypto merchant account along with other payment gateways, you can explore new horizons and expand your business exponentially.

Over the years, we have served high-risk merchants with secure payment methods, including crypto payment and card processing. The goal is to make it easier than ever for customers to buy from you. From crypto users to crypto merchants, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, checkouts, transaction systems, security, and more, you get to benefit from it all and achieve business goals quicker.

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Empowering Clients Across A Range of Industries

With over 20 years of experience under our belts, we can offer our services to high-risk merchants across different industry verticals. Here is an overview of some of the most prominent ones.


Online Gaming

Around 55% of millennial gamers own cryptocurrency, and 75% of them wish they could exchange virtual goods into a currency that can be used on other platforms, i.e., virtual currency. By implementing crypto payments into the online gaming industry:

  • Pay and play anywhere
  • Instant in-game transactions
  • No intermediaries, smaller fees, and transaction costs
  • Complete integration with gamer IDs.
  • Elimination of chargebacks


Online Gambling

One of the biggest issues in gambling is ensuring security after winning and the time it takes to convert big earnings. By implementing crypto payments to online gambling, you can promote a fair game, facilitate quick transactions and improve the gambling experience for your clients. Benefits include:

  • Decentralized currency, better winnings
  • Fair gameplay due to encrypted seeds
  • Privacy from governments and hackers
  • No geolocation restrictions
  • Easy convertibility


Digital Items

Buying and selling non-fungible tokens has become popular now that more NFT protocols are being listed in the market. This way, you can tokenize things like art, music, sports, and more, making it not only easy to sell but for customers to buy as well. Digital items may include gift cards, CBD, high ticket

Benefits of NFT crypto merchant accounts include:

  • Complete ownership
  • Easy transferability
  • Fraud prevention
  • Indivisible currency
  • Collector’s item


Gift Cards

Using cryptocurrency wallets to buy gift cards has become a popular practice, turning cryptocurrency into redeemable points at local or online stores. By increasing your payment options for your clients with the addition of  cryptocurrency payments, you can enable your clients to spend more on your website.

Everything can be made possible with the right payment gateway. By allowing the conversion of cryptocurrency to gift cards, you are increasing the purchasing power of your visitors, thus enhancing experiences! Benefits include:

  • Easily convertible
  • Virtual freedom to shop
  • No chargebacks
  • Better chances of rewards
  • Easier to swap and so, more flexibility



Open your virtual doors to clients across the state by giving people the opportunity to pay how they want for CBD and hemp products. With the help of your high-risk merchant account, you can keep track of every payment that comes in to ensure compliance. From point of sale crypto payments to crypto checkouts, you get to use a wide range of tools to streamline business processes. Benefits include:

  • Accept crypto payments at point of sale
  • Easy-to-track payments
  • Better high-risk transaction security
  • Lower fees, better profit margins
  • No bank legality issues



Travel merchants are also now catering to crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, allowing them to use bitcoin wallets and a range of other cryptocurrencies to purchase tickets. Crypto-tourism requires a lot of security measures. We accept crypto payments for high-risk merchants so that you can serve your clients properly without risking your own or their security during travels. Other benefits include:

  • International acceptance
  • Reduced risk of payment and identity fraud
  • Streamlined ticket management
  • Timely payments and cancellations
  • Reduced cash flow risk


Other Industries

Other industries that crypto payments can help improve include high ticket products, electronics, online entertainment, software/web services, and so much more. Luxury retailers, auction houses, pay-per-view entertainment providers, and many other industries can benefit from crypto merchant accounts.

With so many features and benefits to boast and the currency seeing a boost as it is, you have a golden opportunity to stand tall within your industry as a pioneer of the future. Some general features and benefits that you can reap include:

  • User-friendliness
  • Versatile
  • Safeguards against fiat currency fluctuation
  • Minimizes chargeback fraud
  • Quick, easy, and secure transactions
  • Offer and accept payments with complete anonymity

And so much more!

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