Fraud Protection

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Fraud Protection for Payment Processing Security

The PCI-DSS Level 1 PaynetSecure payment gateway exceeds the highest security standards for safe transaction processing. The gateway ensures PCI compliance and is your first-line of defense for safe payment processing.

Extensive automated fraud-fighting tools help you identify good orders, decline bad ones, and set aside questionable ones for manual review. Customizable rules & filters allow you to continually improve your fraud prevention strategy and adopt to changing markets & conditions.


  • Fighting Fraud Lowers Chargebacks
  • Customize to Fit Your Needs
  • Maintain Control Over All Transactions
  • Offload PCI Responsivity to the Gateway



How Fraud Protection Works

Fraud protection helps you know whether or not an order is good before you approve it. You can change rules & filters, giving you full control over fraud protection settings. Based on your risk threshold, you can automatically accept, decline or set aside orders for manual review.

How do you know if a transaction is good before you approve it? The system is automated & requires no manual intervention. Results are returned immediately.

  • Order is submitted by the customer
  • Transaction is submitted to the payment gateway
  • Gateway assigns a score based on the fraud-parameters
  • Gateway returns the score
  • Based on the score, the transaction is approved, declined or set aside for manual review



Tokens Enhance Fraud Protection

Storing sensitive card information can put your business at risk. Keep your business safe from data breaches by offloading the responsibility of storing card data to the payment gateway.

The use of tokens speeds up the order entry time for repeat orders and recurring payments. When a card is processed, sensitive information is encrypted & replaced with a randomly generated unique token. The tokens associated with the payment are stored in the secure vault in the payment processing gateway. When a repeat order occurs or a recurring payment is due, the token provides the card data.

Tokens eliminate the need for you to store sensitive card data. While still allowing for quicker & more accurate processing of repeat orders & recurring payments. Most importantly, tokens reduce your liability for data theft if you have a data breach. Since the tokens are stored in the secure payment gateway vault, there is no card data to steal.

Additional Fraud Protection Features

3D Secure

  • Guaranteed against chargebacks
  • New rules based customer verification improves buyers’ experience


  • AVS matches address with card holder
  • CVV is the security code on buyers’ cards

ID verification

  • Confirm buyers are who they represent themselves to be
  • Extra protection for high ticket sales or regulated industries

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