Echeck and ACH Processing

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Get More Sales with Echecks 

Millions of Americans prefer to pay you through a bank account rather than a card.




Accept checks online. Watch your sales grow.

Telephone Orders

Quickly enter telephone orders with an easy-to-use secure virtual terminal.

Mail Orders

Virtual terminal or batch uploads simplifies mail order processing.

Accept Mobile Payments

Securely process orders from tablets & smart phones.


How Electronic Check Processing Increases Sales

Experience sales lifts up to 20% simply by adding echecks at checkout


Rescue Sales

Card decline?  Offer an echeck payment option.  Rescue sales that otherwise would be lost.

Satisfy Customer Demand

US buyers expect to be able to pay you with an electronic check.

One time & Recurring Payments

Echecks are great for one-time payments.  And superb for recurring billing.  Protecting cash flow &  recurring payment revenues. 

Start accepting eChecks now



Adding electronic checks to your checkout page is a fast way to increase profits. Get orders from shoppers that don’t have cards, are maxed out on cards, or who simply prefer to pay you through a bank account rather than a card. 

Virtual Terminals

Many Americans still prefer to buy by phone, fax or mail.  Accept echeck MOTO orders securely through a virtual terminal.   Enter one-time payments.  Or set up recurring billing plans to meet the needs of your customers. 

Echeck Verification Services

Verification of electronic check transactions keeps your returns low, saves you money on payment processing, and improves cash flow. 

  • Verify routing & account numbers.
  • Ensure accounts are open & in good standing. 
  • Automatically resubmit NSF items. 
  • Add identify verification to confirm customers are who they represent themselves to be. 

Echecks Increase Your Profits

Reduce Processing Expense

Save money on processing. Echecks & ACH rates are lower than cards.

Decrease Risk

Echecks transactions can be disputed for a maximum of 60 days. Compare this with cards, where buyers can chargeback up to 180 days.


Accept checks online. Alternative payment methods decrease shopping cart abandonment.


Virtual terminals speed processing for mail & telephone orders.

Secure Payments

Electronic checks are among the most secure US payment methods.

Check Verification

Verify echeck payment data before processing. Decrease processing expenses.

ID Verification

Confirm buyers are who they claim to be. Great protection for high ticket orders.

Cloud Reporting

Access processing data wherever you are. Unlimited number of customizable reports.

Resubmit Transactions Smartly

Items returned for non-sufficient funds have up to 85% approval rates when resubmitted a second or third time.

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