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Sell Digital Good Online-Digital Goods Merchant Account

Merchants that sell digital products need to accept payments quickly and easily.  PaynetSecure provides online merchant accounts for businesses selling digital services or that sell digital products.  Smoothly and effectively accept orders through our payment gateway for digital services and watch your sales grow.

What Types of Businesses Sell Digital Products Online?

A wide range of companies sell digital products.  Selling digital services eliminates the need to invest in inventory or ship tangible goods.   Increasing profit margins and reducing cost of sales.

All companies that sell digital goods online or provide internet services are good candidates for digital payment processing including:

  • Gaming Merchant Accounts
  • Web Design & SEO Merchant Accounts
  • VOIP Telecom Payments
  • Steaming Media
  • Digital Content and Digital Downloads
  • Web Hosting Merchant Accounts.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)


Sell Digital Products with Recurring Payments

Companies that sell digital products online often have recurring billing models.  Recurring payments are convenient for customers. And profitable for you. 

Recurring billing plans where customers pay on regular basis are an effective method to sell digital products online.  Set it & forget it” recurring payments continue until either you or the customer cancel the service.  

The payment gateway for digital goods includes unlimited recurring billing plans.  Easily customize recurring payments to satisfy the needs of your business and your customers. 


Updating Card Data for Recurring Payments

Keeping recurring billing card data updated can be a challenge for merchants that sell digital products online.  If card information changes, a recurring payment will decline unless the data is updated.  Causing revenues from recurring payments to be lost and reducing profits.

Every year, more than 20% of US  debit and credit cards are reissued.  Each time a card is reissued, you need to update the payment information for the recurring card transaction to be approved. Obtaining updated card information is labor intensive and expensive.  And, regardless of how hard you try, you may still not be able to get updated card info from customers. 

High volume merchants that sell digital products online use special card updating technology, which automatically updates card information. With automated card updating services, up to 70% of recurring card payment data can be updated without manual intervention.  Saving you time and money.  And increasing customer satisfaction


Add Echecks to Increase Profits

Merchants that sell digital products online increase profits by adding an electronic check payment option at checkout.  Echecks allow you to capture sales from customers that do not have cards, are maxed out on cards, or who simply prefer to pay you through a bank account rather than using a card.

Same day ACH electronic check processing is now available.  Same day ACH lets, companies that sell digital products the ability to fulfill orders within one day. 

Echecks are more stable than cards for companies selling digital services.  Consumers rarely change bank accounts because wages, payment of  household bills, and other recurring payments are linked to the bank account. Changing banks is a major inconvenience. 

As a result, payments from bank accounts are far more stable than card payments.  Recurring billing continues uninterrupted. Stabilizing cash flow and protecting your profits.  

Adding echecks to your checkout page increases the lifetime value of customers by eliminating the need obtain for updated payment data.  With electronic checks, there’s rarely a need to update payment information. 


Merchant Accounts to Sell Digital Products Online

Selling digital services is classified a high risk business by acquiring banks. Still, payment processing accounts are readily available with highly competitive rates. Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison. Accounts are approved within 1-3 business days.

All accounts for selling digital products include:

  • Level 1 PCI-DSS payment gateway for digital goods. Safeguard your business with secure, compliant processing.
  • One time and recurring billing. Unlimited customizable recurring billing plans are included with all merchant accounts.
  • Extensive fraud-fighting weapons to protect your business. Accept good orders quickly. Decline bad transactions. Set aside questionable ones for review.


Account Approvals for Companies that Sell Digital Products Online

Having a signer on the account with good personal credit is wise.  If credit is not up to par, adding a co-signer with good credit helps account approval. 

Naturally, companies that sell digital products online need to have secure websites that function well.  During the approval process, underwriters check all website pages to confirm pages load quickly and display properly. 

It’s a good idea to have customer service email or phone numbers easy to find.  Privacy, refund, & other policies should be clearly displayed.  If the site requires a username & password, it’s helpful to include a demo or test login so the underwriting team can see the same information as customers do.

The underwriter may email merchants selling digital services to determine how customer service is handled.  If email autoresponders are used, acknowledge receipt of the email and inform the writer when a response can be expected.  Then respond as promised. 

Processing statements are reviewed to verify processing volumes and chargeback ratios.  If chargebacks are low, that’s great.  If chargebacks are rising, include a short explanation, including what is being done to keep chargebacks back under control. 

Bank statements are reviewed to confirm there is enough money in the bank to run the business.  Business formation documents are verified.  And the remainder of the supporting documents are reviewed. 

When the account is approved, your MID (merchant identification number) is issued.  Logins credentials to the payment gateway for digital goods are sent to you.  And you can start processing payments immediately. 


Best Payment Processor for Digital Products

PaynetSecure is a full service payment processing provider for companies that sell digital products online.  Our goal is for you to get the lowest possible rates, fastest approvals and best terms for your payment processing accounts.   

  • Accept all major card brands world-wide.
  • High volume merchant accounts. Get the processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business.
  • Extensive banking network. Diversify acquiring banks to mitigate payment processing risk. 
  • Increase orders from US shoppers. Adding echecks to your checkout page boosts orders up to 30%.
  • Add 80 alternative payment methods preferred by global customers. Increase orders up to 40%.
  • One-time & recurring payments. Convenient for your customers.  Profitable for you.
  • Expand market reach with multi-currency processing.
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS payment gateway for digital goods safeguards your business against fraud & data breaches.

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