Posted by admin on Oct 16, 2010


Health Care Payment Processing

Health care payment processing for medical services are handled in a dismally ineffective way by the majority of medical care providers.  Physicians and hospitals are collecting only 50% health care payments from insured patients.  For the uninsured, the portion of patient payments drops to a..

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Posted by admin on Sep 27, 2010


The health care industry, including medical billing companies, physicians, and hospitals, is required to be compliant with payment processing regulations. Yet, few participants understand the compliance necessary. As a result, the majority of the health care providers are non-compliant.And, the..

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Posted by admin on Sep 03, 2010


Chargebacks and High Risk ProcessingBusiness applying for high risk merchant accounts accounts frequently ask questions about chargebacks.Card brands consider chargeback percentages over 1% to be excessive.  Other elements that are considered when examining chargebacks are the number of..

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Posted by admin on Aug 30, 2010


Payment processing security is important to all businesses to guard against breaches and safeguard payment processing operations.  Here are the top 10 best practices list to secure payment processing:Perform background checks on new employees and contractors before hiring.  This is simply common..

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