Alternative Payments

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Alternative Payments 

Fastest Way to Increase Sales

Accept 80 payment methods preferred by shoppers world-wide

More Card Choices

Union Pay has more cards in circulation than any other card brand in the world. Quickly get more sales from the fast-growing, lucrative Asian market.

Local Bank Transfers

Local bank transfers give 1.6 billion international eCommerce shoppers who don’t use cards another way to purchase from you.  

Country Specific Payments

Accept country-specific alternative payment methods preferred by shoppers in those countries. Give your customers more ways to buy from you.  

Competitive Edge

Gain a competitive advantage while expanding your customer base by offering more payment methods on your checkout page. Control all alternative payments through a central dashboard.




Grow Your Business with Alternative Payments



Why Add Alternative Payments?

Global revenue from cross-border sales is projected to grow to $2 trillion by the end of next year.  Nearly 25% of global shoppers already make purchases from international sites.  Approximately 50% of these purchases are from US websites.  Alternative payments will soon account for more than 59% of all eCommerce sales.  Cross-border sales offer eCommerce companies the biggest opportunity for growth.  Offering alternative payments favored by local buyers is one of the quickest ways to increase sales from an increasingly international customer base.


Alternative Payments Key to Success

Accepting Union Pay cards  is one of the easiest way to boost eCommerce sales. Sales from eCommerce in Asia will soon surpass combined sales from the US and Europe, soaring to $ $2.7 trillion by  2020.

Adding local bank transfers to your checkout page makes it convenient for 1.6 billion consumers who don’t use cards to pay you directly from their bank accounts. Local bank transfers are popular in Europe & and many other parts of the world. Local bank transfers are safe, secure, and cannot be charged back by buyers. 

As cross-border shopping continues to escalate, offering local payment methods favored by international buyers is the key to increasing profits. With more than 80 alternative payment methods available to you, it’s never been simpler to acquire new sales from buyers world-wide.



Single Platform for All Alternative Payments


One Dashboard Controls All Payments

Enable the preferred payment methods preferred in your targeted markets through your dashboard. Cloud reporting simplifies management.

Quickly Target Emerging Markets

For example, Union Pay is the largest card brand in the world.   Millions of Asian customers use the card to purchase American goods. 

Reduce Risk

Many types of alternative payments, such as local bank transfers, cannot be charged back. 

Trusted by Customers

Buyers trust payment methods that are familiar to them and will buy more from merchants that accept their preferred payment method

Add Alternative Payments to Your Checkout Page


Sell Online

Add alternative payments to your checkout page with a simple API interface

Choice of Payments

Enable or disable payment methods based on your targeted markets

Secure Payment Gateway

Ensures safe processing for all payments

Cloud Reporting

All the data you need to manage your accounts quickly & easily

Expand Markets

Make it easy for customers to purchase from you with their favored alternative payment methods.

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