Alternative Payments | Fastest Way to Increase Sales

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Alternative Payments | Fastest Way to Increase Sales

Accept 80 payment methods preferred by shoppers world-wide

Adding alternative payments to your checkout page is the easiest way to boost sales without any additional effort on your part.  Alternative payments let customers pay you online without a credit card. The more ways customers pay you, the more money you make.     

Ecommerce merchants find the following alternative payments most effective to generate additional sales when added to the checkout page.  More details on each are provided in further down on this page.

  • Secure Online Payments Bank Transfers.  Safest way for US shoppers to purchase online.  Payments are like cash and cannot be revoked or charged back.
  • ACH / Echecks.  Millions of Americans regularly pay for ecommerce purchases with electronic checks rather than cards. 
  • International Local Bank Transfers.  Great option for merchants who target international customers.  Local bank transfers give 1.6 billion international ecommerce shoppers who don’t use cards another way to purchase from you.  
  • Country Specific Payments.  Accept country-specific alternative payment methods preferred by shoppers in various countries.
  • Add Union Pay. Union Pay has more cards in circulation than any other card brand in the world and is quickly expanding in the US.  Get more sales from Americans who have Union Pay cards.  And more orders from affluent Asian shoppers who love to buy from US ecommerce sites. 


Secure Online Payments Bank Transfers for US Buyers

Bank transfers are the most secure online payment system available for purchasing from ecommerce merchants.  Customers easily pay you from your checkout page without divulging any financial information.

Payments are like cash.  Once the payment is authorized by the customer, funds are guaranteed to you. 

Secure online payments with bank transfers are a great solution for high-risk merchants.  And for ecommerce merchants selling high ticket items.

No fraud.  No chargebacks. No reserves.  Easy application with fast approval.  Unlimited processing volume.  And complete privacy for buyers. 

More than 50% of online shoppers are concerned about disclosing financial information when purchasing online.  Also known as “push payments” secure online payments with bank transfers alleviates these concerns.  Customers easily buy from you without revealing any sensitive payment data.

Paying for online purchases with a bank transfer does not require any customer enrollment or registration.  Customers use existing bank accounts for completely secure online payments.

  1. On your checkout page, customers choose to pay with a bank transfer. More than 98% of American banks are part of the payment platform. The customer selects the bank and is automatically directed to the bank website to login. 
  2. Buyers immediately see the invoice of the sale displayed on the online bank site. The buyer authorizes the purchase.
  3. Your customer is automatically redirected back to your site where the receipt for the purchase can be viewed and printed.
  4. You receive a real time authorization that payment has been made. Since funds are guaranteed, products can ship immediately
  5. You receive settlement funds within 1-2 business days.


ACH / Electronic Checks for US Shoppers

Echecks are among the most trusted alternative payment methods for Americans.  More than 80% of US households regularly use ACH and electronic checks to pay monthly bills. As a result, the payment method is familiar to online US shoppers who are comfortable paying with echecks when purchasing online.

At checkout, shoppers enter bank account routing and account numbers rather than card information.  More than 30% of US ecommerce websites already offer echecks as a payment option at checkout. 

ACH echecks are the most cost-efficient method of accepting payments online.  Rates are 50- 90% lower than card payments because there is no “interchange” with ACH as there is with card payments.  ACH payments are great for both one time and recurring payments. 

For recurring payments, ACH payments are more stable than cards in protecting recurring billing revenue.  Bank accounts seldom change.  There’s no need to update payment information and recurring billing continues uninterrupted. 

Compare this to cards.  More than 20% of US debit & credit are reissued each year which requires card information to be updated before a recurring payment can be approved. 

While same day ACH transactions are now available, ACH payments are still not processed in real time.  This is also true for all other methods of electronic check processing such as “substitute checks” or other types of electronic check processing offered outside the ACH network.

Settlement times are longer for ACH transactions & electronic checks compared to card transactions.  Because electronic checks are not real time payments, transactions can “bounce” or be returned for insufficient funds.  And buyers can still revoke transactions claiming the payments were not authorized. 


International Local Bank Transfers for Global Ecommerce

Local bank transfers are particularly popular in Europe. In many European countries, bank transfers are preferred over cards for online purchases.  Local bank transfers are used for online payments in other parts of the world as well.

International local bank transfers are safe, secure, and cannot be charged back by buyers. 

Adding local bank transfers to your checkout page makes it convenient for 1.6 billion consumers who don’t use cards to pay you directly from their bank accounts. 


Country Specific Alternative Payment Methods

As cross-border shopping continues to escalate, offering local payment methods favored by international buyers is the key to increasing profits. With more than 80 alternative payment methods available to you, it’s never been simpler to acquire new sales from buyers world-wide.

Although card payments are becoming increasing prevalent as the card brands look to expand their customer bases, local payment options are still vitally important to maximize your profits. 

Global revenue from cross-border sales is projected to grow to $2 trillion by the end of next year.  Nearly 25% of global shoppers already make purchases from international sites.  Approximately 50% of these purchases are from US websites. 

Alternative payments will soon account for more than 59% of all eCommerce sales.  Cross-border sales offer ecommerce companies the biggest opportunity for growth.  Offering alternative payments favored by local buyers is one of the quickest ways to increase sales from an increasingly international customer base.


Offer Union Pay at Checkout

Accepting Union Pay cards is one of the easiest ways to boost ecommerce sales. Union Pay has more cards in circulation than any other card brand in the world. 

The real power of accepting Union Pay is experienced by ecommerce merchants who target international shoppers.  Millions of international shoppers with Union Pay cards love to shop at US ecommerce sites.  Products from the US, particularly luxury items, are considered status symbols throughout the world and affluent shoppers globally want to pay for the good with Union Pay cards.

Accepting Union Pay at checkout is the fastest way to get more sales from international buyers.  Ecommerce sales from Asian shoppers are on track to surpass combined online sales from the US and Europe, soaring to $ $2.7 trillion within the next year.

Union Pay is targeting US consumers, so some Americans already use Union Pay cards.  Asian visitors to the US pay for purchases with Union Pay cards.  To accommodate these shoppers, it is simply good business to accept the Union Pay plus all the other card brands at checkout. 


Why Choose PaynetSecure for Alternative Payments

For more than 20 years, ecommerce merchants have used our services to establish payment processing accounts both in the US and internationally.  Services the company offers includes debit and credit card merchant accounts; ACH / echeck payments; secure online payments with bank transfers; and alternative payment methods for US and international shoppers.

  • Specialists in high volume, high risk payment processing
  • Low rates. Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison
  • Single-source provider for multiple payment methods
  • Free application with no obligation
  • Fast approvals so you can get more sales quicker
  • Secure payment gateway exceeds the most stringent requirements for safe, compliant processing
  • Protection from fraud and chargebacks safeguards your business
  • Superior customer service. Highly trained professionals give you the help you need when you need it.
  • Dedicated team committed to your success
  • Cloud reporting. All the data you need to manage your accounts quickly & easily
  • Expand Markets. Make it easy for customers to purchase from you with their favorite alternative payment methods.

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