Posted by admin on Jul 10, 2017


Direct Response Marketing Merchant Accounts

Coca Cola spends over $3 billion in marketing each year, and because the beverage industry is so competitive, this kind of expenditure on brand-recognition marketing is necessary for the company to remain at the top of the industry. Many businesses choose to spend their marketing budget on brand..

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Posted by tina on Jun 13, 2017


Multi-Currency Merchant Accounts

Businesses have a level playing field and a easy access to the global market. Going global with any product is easier than ever before. But with a level playing field and democratized international ecommerce comes intense competition.Millions of businesses and individuals are fiercely vying for a..

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Posted by tina on Jun 07, 2017


Collection Agency Merchant Accounts

Are you beginning to think your pursuit of a collection agency merchant account is in vain?Take heart.  It’s not you.  It’s your industry.  Merchant accounts are available for collection agencies.  You simply have to know where to go to find them.Payments for Collection AgenciesDebt, for..

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Posted by tina on May 28, 2017


Travel Merchant Accounts For Secure Global Payments

Travel merchants need to accept payments from customers throughout the world. Secure payment processing is vital to the success of your travel business.Strong Growth for International TravelThe travel industry is booming and it’s getting younger. According to the Boston Consulting Group,..

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