Recurring Payments

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Automate Recurring Payments. Protect Cash Flow.

Recurring payments make it easy for customers to pay you on a regular basis.  Payments continue until the end of the billing term or until the customer cancels the service.  Recurring billing is also great for installment billing plans for products (i.e. three payments of $19.95).

Unlimited recurring billing plans are a standard feature on all accounts.  Customizable recurring payments are convenient for customers.  And profitable for you.   


  • Stabilize cash flow with “Set it and Forget it” recurring billing
  • Easy recurring payment plans boosts sales.
  • Automate customer communication with email reminders &
                    confirmation of payments.



Recurring Billing Features

Recurring payments can be configured anyway you want to meet the requirements of your business. 

  • Multiple billing profiles.  Allow buyers to select the payment plan that works best for them. For example, you can offer monthly plans at one rate and weekly plans at another rate.   
  • Different initial and recurring amounts.  Different amounts can be specified for the first billing and subsequent billings. Great for offering special rates or trial periods.  Or larger down payments on products followed by smaller payments for installment billing. 
  • Configurable time frames. The duration of billing terms can be configured from one time to unlimited.
  • Automatic re-billing. Transactions can be automatically retried if not successful the first time.  Extremely effective used in conjunction with our card updater service. 
  • Robust cloud reporting.  Manage & control your recurring billing transactions.  Extensive customizable reporting included.   



Account Updater Service for Recurring Payments

One in five US credit & debit cards are reissued each year. Cards are reissued for many reasons including lost / stolen cards, data breaches,  expired card dates, and bank mergers.  Regardless of the reason, updated card data needs to be obtained for a recurring card payment to be approved. 

Advanced payment processing technology now automates the process of updating card info.  When a card is declined, the updater service connects with the card issuing bank to obtain the new card data.  The recurring payment is then approved.

  • Save time, money & expense required for manual updates.
  • Stabilize cash flow. Recurring billing continues uninterrupted. 
  • Increases the lifetime value of customers.
  • Improves customer satisfaction.

Tokens Keep Recurring Payments Safe

Protect sensitive card information with tokenization.  When a card is processed, sensitive information is replaced with a randomly generated unique token.  The tokens associated with the payment are stored in the secure vault in the payment processing gateway.  Recurring payments use the encrypted tokens for processing.

Safeguard Your Business

Card information from encrypted tokens can only be read by the processor. Cybercriminals, employees, vendors, or suppliers cannot access the data.

Compliant Processing

Tokens securely process recurring payments. Offload the responsibility for PCI compliance to the payment gateway.

Protect All Types of Payments

Tokens can be used to secure all types of payments, including cards, ACH and alternative payment methods.

Eliminate Liability

If a security breach occurs, the use of tokenization drastically reduces your liability.

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