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Payment Processing Systems Benefits

Payment Gateway Money-Maker

Payment processing systems are big money makers for ecommerce companies.  Experienced ecommerce solution providers know that the correct positioning of payment gateway services is part of building of ongoing monthly income.

In the cut-throat merchant account market, the correct positioning of a payment gateway can set you apart from the crowd.  When properly offered, payment gateways boost customers’ loyalty, reinforces your company’s “brand” and is the platform through which new products flow to your customers.

As companies use the payment gateway services, and add a variety of options to their payment processing systems, revenues to you increase.  Without any additional effort on your part.


Payment Processing Systems Benefits

For e-commerce providers, offering payment gateway services helps you:

  1. Acquire more customers
  2. Retain your customers longer
  3. Open doors to new sales channels
  4. Turbo-charge the growth of your company


Payment Processing Systems Features

The right payment gateway services gives you “bang for your bucks” Payment processing systems professionals should consider payment gateway services with the following:

  • Private Labeling.

Private labeling gateways is another way to build your brand.  Each time your clients access payment processing systems information your company is the brand name which they see seen.  The payment gateway is transformed into a promotional tool for your company.

  • Rich Reporting.

 Merchants want to be able to personalize their reporting, add customizable reporting fields, view payment processing systems data graphically and have multiple ways to manipulate data to meet unique needs through their payment gateway services platform.

  • Load Balancing for Multiple Accounts.

 Load balancing with payment gateway services lets companies process using more than one merchant account.  Valuable for high volume and high risk merchant accounts.

Load balance among unlimited number of accounts.  View accounts individually or globally.  Simplifies customer service.  Account reconciliation and reporting is a breeze.

  • Fraud Protection

 Designed to protect online merchants’ payment processing systems, fraud protection provides custom strategies to identify the difference between legitimate shoppers and fraudulent shoplifters. Sophisticated rule-based filtering can be customized by businesses within the payment gateway services platform to provide the level of protection desired.

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