Offshore Credit Card Processing

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Offshore Merchant Accounts

Everything you need to accept payments swiftly & easily

Enjoy big benefits with offshore credit card processing 



High Risk Processing

More flexible underwriting. Friendlier jurisdictions.


Mitigate processing risk. Protect business operations.

Favorable Business Conditions

Some jurisdictions offer incentives to attract businesses.

Different Regulatory Environments

Particularly beneficial for certain industries.

Benefits of Offshore Credit Card Processing

All banks in our network are well-capitalized with years of successful payment processing experience for businesses world-wide.



Payment Processing Redundancy

Ensures processing continuity while protecting cash flow.

Save Money

Interchange rates vary throughout the world.

High Capacity Processing

Offshore merchant accounts seldom have caps on volumes. 

More Ways to Pay

Expand market reach with localized payment options. 



Offshore Card Approval Rates

Higher card declines are a consideration for offshore processing. Depending upon the bank, US cards may be considered cross-border transactions which can result in higher decline rates. Card approval rates will still be good. Yet, not as high as if you processed a US card through a US acquiring bank.  Much depends upon the jurisdiction in which the acquiring bank is located. 


Rates & Terms for Offshore Merchant Accounts

Rates for offshore merchant accounts are somewhat higher than domestic processing.  Still, many international banks offer competitive rates, particularly for high volume merchants.  Offshore settlement times are longer than domestic merchant accounts, generally weekly rather than daily settlements.   

Offshore merchant accounts save you money on processing if you have customers located in the same region as the acquiring bank.  For instance, if you process offshore through Europe, your European transactions will cost less than processing through a US bank.


Your Offshore Merchant Account Includes

  • Multicurrency Processing
    • Accept payments in 154 currencies. Receive settlements in 25 currencies
  • Highest Levels of Security
    • PCI-DSS Level 1 processing keeps your business safe
  • Full stack API
    • Ecommerce made easy
  • Recurring Billing Plans 
    • Unlimited recurring payment plans customizable to satisfy the needs of your customers
  • Virtual Terminal
    • Securely accept MOTO transactions
  • Tokenization
    • Sensitive card info is encrypted & securely stored in the payment gateway vault
  • Fraud-Fighting Weapons
    • Automated, customizable fraud prevention tools help you identify & prevent fraudulent transactions
  • Chargeback Services
    • Safeguard your business & your merchant accounts
  • Alternative Payment Methods
    • Fast way to get more orders

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