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For over 15 years, businesses have taken advantage of our expertise to successfully establish and diversify merchant accounts in the US and throughout the world. Gain access to an exclusive network of banks giving you high volume processing capabilities that are not available elsewhere.

High Risk Merchant Account

Payment Savvy Top Notch Payment Processing Technology

If you are high risk merchant, you’ve come to the right place. Secure your payment processing now. Extensive network of acquiring banks gives you access to multiple high risk accounts. Get the processing volumes you need to...


Global eCommerce

Payment Savvy Top Notch Payment Processing Technology

Take advantage of the explosion in global ecommerce. Shoppers around the world want to buy from you. Increase sales while expanding your customer base. Accept card payments from shoppers world-wide. Plus, offer popular...


Secure Payment Processing Gateway

Payment Savvy Top Notch Payment Processing Technology

Level 1 PCI-DSS gateway for safe, secure and compliant payment processing. Load balance multiple merchant accounts on a single gateway. Unified management platform simplifies control of all accounts. Extensive fraud management...


Offshore / International Merchant Accounts

Payment Savvy Top Notch Payment Processing Technology

Excellent processing solutions for high volume merchants. Protect your business operations. Get the processing volumes you need. Choice of banks world-wide. Acquirers in multiple regions help you diversify accounts, mitigate...


Specialized Payment Processing Powers Your Business Success

Revenues from processing accounts are vital to cash flow and liquidity. Payment processing is the lifeblood of your business.  

Diversification of accounts is always wise.  Global eCommerce companies have long realized the benefits of working with acquiring banks  located in all regions in which buyers are located.

In today’s environment, high volume & high risk merchants find it more important than ever to have multiple processing accounts. Ultimately safeguarding your business, mitigating risk, and giving you the processing volumes required to grow your business.

  • High volume and high risk payment processing for US and international eCommerce businesses.
  • Minimum monthly volume for US merchant accounts is $50,000 / International merchant accounts is $100,000.

As eCommerce continues to soar in the US and explode globally, online shopping has become the norm.  Everyone wants the ease and convenience of ordering anything they want.  From anywhere in the world.  Safely & securely.

  • Alternative Payments Get You More Sales
  • Multi-currency Processing for International Orders 

When targeting new markets, keep in mind local payment methods and cater to the local purchasing preferences. Whenever possible, offer your customers multiple ways to pay you.

Most Americans pay by cards online. And yet, when you add echecks on the checkout page, orders increase 5-20%. You get orders from people who don’t have cards, are maxed out on cards, or simply want to pay from a bank account.

Other countries have different payment demographics. Although card payments are growing globally, local payments are important to help you maximize international sales.

Card payments combined localized payment options are a good combination to capture the most sales from global buyers. Naturally, show prices in local currency to increase trust and keep customers focused on shopping.

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Rates for High Risk Payment Processing

PaynetSecure works with a wide variety of businesses, each with unique requirements.Quoting specific rates on a website is challenging. Yet, we understand that visitors to the site like to have an idea of what rates will be.

The primary factors in assessing rates are:

  • Payment processing history & monthly volumes
  • Business financials
  • Product / service being sold
  • Business model (method by which products / service are sold)
  • Industry classification

The following rate chart is provided as a general guideline.


  High Risk US High Risk Offshore International eCommerce

Discount rate

2.45-4.5% 3.5-6.95% 2.95 – 4.95%
Transaction 0.25-0.30 0.0-0.65 0.0 – 0.45


0 – 10% 5 – 10% 0 – 5%
Monthly $10 – 20 $50 – 150 $0 – 50




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