No Chargeback Payment Gateway for Nutra Merchants

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No Chargeback Payment Gateway for Nutra Merchants

Are you a nutraceutical merchant looking for an effective way to process payments with no risk of chargebacks?  You’ve come to the right place. Quickly and easily accept payments with no risk of chargebacks. 

The bank-to-bank transfers direct payment platform was designed specifically for high risk ecommerce businesses including nutraceutical merchants.  Adding secure bank transfers as a payment method on your checkout page boosts profits with no risk of chargebacks. 

Bank transfers are the safest online payment method available for nutra merchants and your customers.  Buyers pay you on your checkout page without revealing any financial information. Payments are like cash so there is no risk of chargebacks.

  • No Chargebacks. Eliminate risk of chargebacks. Payments are like cash.  Once authorized by the customer, payments cannot be charged back.
  • Rapid Settlements.  Your funds are deposited to your bank account in 1-2 days.
  • No Reserves.  Finally, a proven effective payment method for nutra merchants with 0 reserves. Don’t tie up your working capital with reserves.  No more risk of losing reserves or waiting 6 months to get them back.
  • Unlimited Processing Volume.  No caps on volumes. Process as much as you want.
  • Protect High Risk Merchant Accounts.  Mitigate processing risk. Alternative payment methods with no risk of chargebacks help reduce credit card chargeback ratios.
  • Simple Application. Easier than applying for card or ACH merchant accounts with far fewer documents required. Fast approvals speed time to market so you get more orders faster.
  • Privacy for Buyers.  Payment method of choice for shoppers who do not want to provide sensitive payment data to sellers.   
  • Superb Alternative Payment Method.  Excellent option for nutraceutical merchants who cannot obtain US card processing due types of products being sold.  Now you have an alternative domestic nutra payment processing solution to grow your business.
  • Most Secure Online Payment Method.   Bank transfers are authorized in real time without any disclosure of sensitive payment data.  Once payments are made, funds are guaranteed to the seller and cannot be charged back by the buyer.   


How the No Chargeback Payment Processor Gateway Works

Secure online payments with bank transfer are like cash transactions.  When a customer authorizes the purchase, funds are guaranteed. 

Also known as “push payments” bank transfers are safest ways for customers to pay you. Nutra merchants are happily surprised by the number of shoppers who choose to pay with a bank transfer rather than a card or echeck.  No sensitive financial information is disclosed to the seller.  Customers feel safe buying from you.

Buyers purchase through checking or savings accounts.  No financial information is entered on your website.  Nutra merchants enjoy secure online payments with real time authorization, guaranteed funds, and no risk for chargebacks.

  1. On your checkout page, buyers select bank transfer as the preferred payment option. The customer chooses their online bank and are automatically directed to the bank’s website to login.  More than 98% of American banks are integrated with the secure online payment’s platform.
  2. Customers login to their online banking portal. The invoice for the purchase is automatically displayed.  The buyer authorizes the purchase. 
  3. Once the payment is made, buyers are redirected back to your website to view and print the purchase receipt.
  4. You receive real time authorizations when payments are made.  Orders can be fulfilled immediately. 
  5. Funds settle to your bank account within 24-48 hours. Online reporting lets you easily manage and track all transactions in real time.

Paying for nutraceutical products with a bank transfer does not require any customer enrollment or registration.  Buyers simply access their online bank for completely secure online payments.

When bank transfers are offered as another payment option at checkout, customers who do not want to disclose card or bank account information to nutraceutical merchants can still purchase from you. You increase customer trust and satisfaction.  While boosting your bottom-line profits.

Gain a competitive edge by adding secure online payments bank transfers to your ecommerce checkout page. The more ways customers can pay you, the more sales you make. 


No Chargebacks Merchant Accounts Help Nutra Merchants

Offering a no chargeback payment option at checkout is a wise business decision for nutraceutical merchants.  While all types of ecommerce businesses can benefit from the payment option, it’s particularly helpful for nutra merchants interested in reducing overall chargeback risk.  

Nutraceutical merchants are especially vulnerable to chargebacks.  Nutra products are not regulated.  Few products are backed up by clinical studies or scientific evidence.  This does not mean that the products are not effective, of course.  Still, shoppers can claim a product did not work, even if it was not used as directed.

Consumers seeking fast fixes often buy nutra products.  They try the product briefly and if immediate results are not seen, consumers initiate a chargeback claiming that the product was no good.  Disputing a transaction with chargeback is easier than taking personal responsibility for proper eating, exercise, or self-care. 

Once chargebacks are initiated, issuing banks usually side with the consumer rather than the merchant.  The buyer is a customer of the card issuing bank so it’s easy to understand how the chargeback system is skewed in favor of consumers over nutra merchants.

Additionally, some nutra merchants sell products via “free trials” that require customers to opt out if they do not want to be billed for more products.  Buyers forget they agreed to these terms and initiate chargeback disputes when new charges appear on their credit card statements.

Other times, shoppers experience buyers’ remorse after making a purchase.  They then call their issuing bank claiming that the product did not perform as promised and initiate a chargeback

For nutraceutical merchants accepting credit card payments, no chargeback payments are particularly valuable.  In fact, a primary reason for a nutra high-risk merchant classification is due to a statistically greater likelihood of chargebacks associated with certain industries.

Businesses can lose credit card processing merchant accounts if chargebacks exceed the ratios required to keep accounts in good standing.  

Many buyers will choice to pay you with a bank transfer, resulting in lower overall chargeback ratios for credit card transactions. Which helps nutraceutical merchants keep chargebacks under control & safeguards credit card merchant accounts. 

Additionally, some nutra merchants cannot obtain credit card merchant accounts because certain products are not acceptable to acquiring banks.  Yet, these nutraceutical merchants still need an effective way to accept ecommerce payments.  Secure bank transfers are the solution.


Secure Online Payments Boosts Sales, Decreases Fraud, and Protects Buyers

Fraud is rampant on the internet.  Secure online payments with banks transfers alleviates shoppers’ concerns about buying online by providing a safe way to pay to ecommerce purchases.  Buyers buy from you without the need to disclose any sensitive financial information, ensuring security for online payments. 

More than 50% of ecommerce shoppers are worried about privacy and identity theft.  Many people are hesitant to reveal financial information when purchasing online. purchases.  Consumer fears are justified by continuous news reporting data breaches and theft of financial data at major retailers, ecommerce sites; government agencies, and institutions. 

On the other hand, fraud is a major concern for nutra merchants.  Cybercriminals pay for products using stolen cards.  When the real card holder realizes that purchase was fraudulent, a chargeback always results.  The seller then experiences the loss of money from the sale of the product, the cost of the chargeback itself & increased chargeback ratios that can negatively impact a high risk credit card processing account. 

Adding to actual fraud is what is known as “friendly fraud”.  Here buyers initiate a chargeback to attempt to avoid paying for a product.  Consumers who know how to play the game understand that card issuing banks usually side with their customers rather than nutraceutical merchants. 

Secure online payments with bank transfers are authorized via a real time bank response.  The bank authenticates the consumer prior to authorizing the sale.

Fraud is eliminated.  Chargebacks do not happen.  And payment for the goods or services purchased is guaranteed. 

Offering secure online payments with bank transfers also reduces shopping cart abandonment.  Carts are frequently abandoned when shoppers have to enter card or bank account information.  Now, buyers can purchase from you without disclosing any financial details.  Increased trust leads to more sales & profits for you. 


Applying for Your No Chargeback Merchant Account

Nutra merchants discover applying for secure online payments with bank transfers is easier than applying for a credit card merchant account. The process is automated with electronic delivery and rapid processing of applications. 

When you decide to move forward, an application is securely sent to you by email. You simply complete the form and email back along with a few supporting documents. Far fewer documents than needed than required by card or ACH processors. 

Supporting documents include:  Color copy of a passport or driver’s license; voided check from the account where processing funds will be settled; and Articles of Incorporation or LLC. 

Approvals are fast.  Integration is easy.  Nutra merchants can take advantage of plug-ins to simply the process.  Or use an API if processing over $100K per month.  


Why Nutra Merchants Choose PaynetSecure for Secure Online Payment Processing?

For over than 20 years, nutraceutical merchants have successfully used our services to establish ecommerce merchant accounts.  Services include credit & debit card processing, ACH, electronic checks, secure ecommerce bank transfers and other payment methods. 

Now, with no chargeback payments, you expand your sales, protect your customers, and increase your profits.  Here are the primary benefits to you.

  • Funds are Guaranteed.  Once the payment is authorized by the buyer, your funds are guaranteed. Transactions cannot be revoked or charged back.
  • Fast Settlements.  Enhance your cash flow.  Processing funds are settled to your bank account in 1-2 business days. 
  • Real Time Authorization.  You receive notification when the payment is complete. Allowing you to quickly fulfill orders, satisfying consumer demand for fast delivery of ecommerce purchases.
  • Enhance Customer Trust. Shoppers pay without revealing any sensitive financial information.  Protect privacy while increasing trust.
  • Easy to Use.  No registration is required. Using secure online payments bank transfers for ecommerce purchases is as easy as using any other payment method. 
  • Say Good-Bye to Chargebacks, Declines and NSF.  Reduce processing risk.  Protect echeck and credit card processing merchant accounts by decreasing over all chargeback ratios.
  • Bank Security Protects Against Fraud.  Safeguard your business. Customers pay through a bank account with local bank transfers. Eliminate fraud.  And payments to you are guaranteed.   
  • New sales. Get orders from consumers who do not want to reveal financial information when buying online. 
  • High Risk Merchants Welcome. Superb payment method for companies classified as high risk.  No reserves.  No chargebacks.  No worries. 
  • Plug-ins:  WordPress / Woocommerce / Shopify.  Fast implementation. Speeds time to market.
  • API.  For high volume merchants that want direct integration to websites.

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