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Travel Merchant Accounts

Key to Success is Finding the Right Acquiring Bank

Online travel businesses are classified as high risk merchant accounts. 

Still, travel merchant accounts readily available with favorable rates.  The key to establishing a travel merchant account with attractive terms is to determine which acquiring banks are most eager to underwriter the account.

Let's face it.  Some acquiring banks have no tolerance for any type of risk whatsoever.  These banks want only to underwrite accounts that have virtually no risk.  Although, in this year of economic downturn, even retail accounts offer no guarantee against risk.

On the other hand, some acquiring banks are eager to bring aboard travel businesses and these are the banks that you must identify in order to take advantage of the best payment processing merchant accounts.  The question is how do you find these banks?

Professional Agents Save You Time & Effort

The fastest and easiest way to find a travel merchant account is to work with payment processing professionals that have experience and connections to guide you through the process.  It is well worth while to identify a company that has the expertise to quickly bring you together with the right acquiring bank. 

Professional banking agents offer their services free to merchants.  The agents make their money from the acquiring banks and processors.  A good banking agent saves you time and effort and is a valuable asset to any business seeking to establish a travel merchant account.


Although travel is considered a high risk processing industry, travel merchant accounts at favorable rates are readily available. The key is to know which acquiring banks accept travel merchants. Partnering with a professional merchant processing sales agent gives you a fast track for quick account approval.

How can you find the right payment processing account for your travel-related business?

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