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Adult Dating Merchant Accounts

Adult dating and hookup sites have come a long way ever since the inception of online dating back in the 1990s. The internet was expected to open the gateways for a number of industries, including online dating, and has shown consistent growth on an annual basis in this industry.

The online dating segment alone amounts to a market cap of US$1.7 billion, with a compounded annual growth rate of 4.2 percent for the years to come. By the time we reach 2025, the online dating segment will be well over the figure of $2 billion.

Payment Processing in Adult Dating

Whether you are a hookup app merchant or adult dating site, there are multiple risks and scams associated with payment in this vertical. Companies that facilitate the services of consensual sex through the internet are considered high risk by most payment processors. Regardless of the amount of promiscuity and sexuality on your hookup or dating app, the industry is generally known to carry more Madoff’s than any other.

The best way to take the scam out of the cam with your adult dating payments is to get an adult merchant account. An adult merchant account from a reliable payment processor will reduce the complications in the industry and give you a secure outlet.

Benefits of Adult Merchant Accounts

Adult Dating Merchant Accounts
Adult Dating Merchant Accounts

Adult merchant accounts help adult dating merchants take and record payments in a seamless manner without any confusion. The benefits include:

Low Rates and Easy Setup

An adult merchant account provided by the likes of PaynetSecure offers exceptionally low rates along with fast approvals. The payment provider you work with will give you a fair indication of their rates at the time of approval and will let you know just how much you can save by working with them.

Integrated Payments

Integrated payments allow vendors to take payments anywhere they want from all kinds of devices. You may be able to accept payments from cell phones and a lot of other devices if you have an adult merchant account.

Multiple Payment Methods

The flexibility of adult merchant accounts allows vendors to secure payments from multiple avenues. You will be able to accept debit and credit cards, add ACH/eChecks for more sales from US buyers and also secure international payments through a reliable gateway.

Companies with a global customer base realize the growth potential in targeting global markets across the world. Offshore adult credit card processing accounts help you expand your services to markets around the world with more potential. International payment support also comes with multi-currency processing as a standard feature.

Automated Scam Rejection

An adult merchant account from a secure provider comes with automated fraud fighting tools. These tools help you identify and approve good transactions while rejecting the bad ones. Additionally, the availability of more than one merchant account helps you maintain consistency in operations without depending on a single option.

Easy Application

Applying for an adult merchant account is absolutely free without any obligation. Your dedicated account manager will take you through the process and approve your application as soon as they can. Many adult merchants operate with multiple accounts, which simplify the management process.


Smooth payments power profits. The adult dating industry might be host to fraudsters and additional risk, but the provision of a high-risk adult merchant account can help you avoid financial complications.  

Searching for a reliable adult dating payment solution, especially a platform with modern features, is incredibly hard. Reach out to PaynetSecure today so that we can utilize our 25 years of experience to set up online payment gateway integration for your adult dating business.