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offshore merchant accounts

High risk merchants and businesses that want to expand into global markets establish payment processing accounts offshore.  Diversification of payment processing with offshore merchant accounts is the quickest and easiest way to protect and grow your business. 

Offshore Merchant Accounts for High Risk Businesses

Companies in industries classified as high risk establish offshore merchant accounts for several reasons.

Underwriting guidelines at international banks are different than those at domestic banks.  It often faster and easier to get approved for a merchant account offshore than a domestic account.

Offshore merchant accounts rarely have limits on monthly processing volumes.  This is particularly important for fast growing companies that need to process as much volume as required.  US accounts frequently have limits on monthly processing and merchants are forced to obtain multiple domestic accounts to accommodate growth.

Offshore merchant accounts have more flexibility when it comes to chargebacks.   Merchants can have more chargebacks with an offshore account than with a US account.  (Keep in mind that chargebacks still need to be managed and controlled, whether processing with an international bank or a domestic one.)

High risk companies also establish offshore merchant accounts to capture more sales from international customers.  Offshore merchant accounts include card processing, of course.  In addition, the accounts include alternative payment options which are preferred by many buyers outside the US.  For example, local bank transfers are commonly used by buyers in Europe over cards.

Get More Customers and Save Money with Offshore Merchant Accounts

Both US and international companies establish merchant accounts offshore.   With an offshore merchant account you:

  • Lower regional interchange rates.   You save money by processing payments from customers ordering in the same jurisdiction as the acquiring bank is located.
  • Eliminate cross-border fees, saving you money on payment processing.
  • Foreign exchange is a big consideration when processing internationally.  Offshore merchant accounts greatly reduce these costs.
  • Multi-currency processing.  When you offer pricing in the local currency of your buyers, sales increase.
  • Outside of the US, many buyers prefer to use payment methods other than cards.   Companies that add alternative payment options to the checkout page increase sales by as much as 40%.
  • Offshore jurisdictions provide special business benefits for companies that may not be available in the US.


All businesses types, including high risk merchants, are can qualify for offshore merchant accounts.  For direct accounts most international acquiring banks want to see 6 months' of processing  history showing at least $100,000 per month in volume.

Global ecommerce represents one of the biggest opportunities for internet merchants. Customers around the world want to buy from you.  

International payment processing increases orders from shoppers around the world. Accepting payments from global customers is convenient for shoppers.  And profitable for you.

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