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Adult Merchant Accounts

Adult Merchant Accounts

Card processing for adult merchants does not have to be expensive.  Many merchant account providers charge exorbitant rates and take advantage of companies that are in the high risk processing category.  Often these are vendors that are looking for a “quick buck” and don’t have your best interests at heart.

Any adult merchant that is processing significant volumes per month can obtain processing at favorable rates.  High volume adult merchants are also wise to consider diversification of accounts and have a minimum of 2 accounts, if not more.

Merchant accounts for online adult entertainment can be established both in the US and through international acquiring banks.  Some merchants have accounts in more than one jurisdiction to take advantage of business opportunities in different parts of the world.

Alternative Payments Increase Sales

Card payments are the still the main way that US customers pay through adult sites.  However, adding echecks to your checkout page is one of the easiest ways to increase sales from US customers.

Echecks let you capture sales from buyers that do not have cards, are maxed out on cards, or who simply prefer to pay with a debit from a bank account.  Echecks give you a way to rescue a sale if a card is declined.

Internationally, alternative payments such as bank transfers are important to have on the checkout page.  For example, throughout Western Europe, bank transfers are the preferred method of making purchases online.

Naturally, as you expand your markets globally, make sure your sites display prices in local currency.  Keep your customers focused on making a purchase, not thinking about what a displayed currency convert to in local currency.  Every step your customer has to take to make a purchase increases the likelihood of shopping cart abandonment.

Money to be Made in Online Adult Entertainment

Over 30% of internet traffic is porn According to Arbitrage Magazine

  • 40 million people in the U.S. watch porn regularly
  • Every second, there are 28,258 internet users watching porn
  • 2.5 billion emails per day are pornographic
  • 25% of all search engine requests are porn related, which translates to 68 million a day
  • 35% of all internet downloads are pornographic

Although access to free porn has become routine, there is still a big market for fresh content.  There is still a lot of money to be made by technically innovative adult entertainment companies who can satisfy market demand.

Streaming video on demand will be a big part of future growth.  As will the integration of porn within online games. As technology becomes more advanced, with holographics becoming mainstream, viewing porn will become ever more like the “real experience”.


Adult entertainment is popular for consumers in the US and throughout the world. 

Adult merchant accounts give you the ability to accept echecks and card payments from millions of customers who regularly visit adult entertainment sites.  Accept one-time or recurring payments from your customers.

Subscription billing and recurring billing are commonly used by adult merchants, making it easy for customers to access new content on a regular basis.  The search for more exciting sexual entertainment never ends.  Make it easy and convenient for customers to pay you.  

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