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Alternative Payments Boost Sales

Alternative payments account for 22% of global ecommerce transactions today and are expected to grow by 13% within the next 2 years. By 2015, the growth in alternative payments will be greater than growth in card payments.

Merchants that want to expand ecommerce to international markets find that alternative payments are an important element to success.  Although cards are the  most popular payment option in the United States, in other countries cards have limited penetration.

Any merchant that is serious about squeezing profits from international expansion should consider adding additional payments to their checkout page.  Alternative payments that have no risk of chargebacks are among those most beneficial to high risk merchants.

Bank Transfers:  Guaranteed Payments, No Risk

The primary reason merchants are classified as high risk is the greater statistical likelihood of chargebacks occurring.  One of the most compelling alternative payment options for high risk merchants is bank transfers.

Bank transfers provide guaranteed payments and fast settlement of funds to merchants.  Consumers are comfortable using bank transfers to make payment, primarily due to the increased use of online banking and online bill payments.

At checkout, buyers chose to pay with a bank transfer.  A list of banks is displayed.  The buyer choses the bank and is directed to the online banking site where the buyer logs in.  The buyer authorizes the transaction and is then redirected back to the merchant’s site.  The merchant receives confirmation that the payment has been made and the order can be fulfilled immediately.

Bank transfers are available in almost nearly forty countries throughout the world.  The ability to accept payments from international customers with no risk of chargebacks makes it easy for high risk merchants to expand global ecommerce.

High Risk Merchants Benefit from Bank Transfers

  • Adult merchants have long been innovators in payment processing solutions and bank transfers are an excellent solution.  There are three reasons that bank transfers are useful for adult merchants.  First, consumers of adult content desire privacy in transactions.  For example, a man may not want his spouse to know about a transaction for adult content.  Secondly, adult merchants have targeted markets throughout the world.   Thirdly, the risk of chargebacks for adult oriented transactions is high and merchants need a way to guarantee payments without chargeback risk.
  • Travel and airlines are excellent prospects for bank transfers.  These are high ticket items booked far in advance.  And the international nature of travel makes bank transfers a natural add-on payment option that save money and stabilize revenue flow.
  • Telecom companies, particularly those that offer “top-off” services find bank transfers increase sales.  Many of these companies market internationally and need to provide payment options, such as local bank transfers, that are the preferred method of online payments in many countries.
  • Online ticketing companies find bank transfers are a good fit.   The advance purchase necessary for online tickets increase the likelihood of chargebacks for credit card transactions.  Bank transfers are a good alternative.
  • Ecommerce merchants with international customers benefit from bank transfers.  It is especially helpful for merchants selling higher ticket items.  And for merchants in P2P auction sites.  However, any online merchant that has international customers is wise to add bank transfers to the checkout page.


Take advantage of global ecommerce opportunities. Adding local bank transfers to your checkout page is the fastest way to get more order from international shoppers.  

Millions of shoppers around the world regularly used local bank payments to purchase goods & services online. 

The more ways customers can pay you, the more sales you make.

Are you interested in alternative payments to get more sales from international shoppers?

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