Posted by tina on Sep 19, 2016


Faced with Chargebacks- You are Not Alone

 Whether it’s due to customer dissatisfaction, ‘friendly fraud’ or outright fraud, being faced with a credit card chargeback is an inevitable part of a ecommerce. If it has happened to you, take some comfort from the fact that you are far from alone. A a recent study from Juniper Research..

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Posted by admin on Sep 13, 2015


PCI-DSS Security Requirements

PCI-DSS Protects YouBreaches in card processing security are in the news all the time.  Even the largest payment processors are not immune from attack.The rewards of a successful breach are enticing for cybercriminals.  Millions of card numbers can be stolen at one time.  Cards are used to buy..

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Posted by admin on Mar 15, 2014


Credit Card Payment Processing

Payment Processing for High Risk Merchants Banks classify merchants as high risk when the business is associated with a particular type of industry.  Certain industries have a greater likelihood of chargebacks than do others.The potential for more chargebacks increases the contingent liabilities..

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Posted by admin on Feb 20, 2014


Recurring Payment Processing

The average customer lifetime value (ACLV)  is a key measure of profits for businesses offering online subscriptions or on-demand delivery of services.  SaaS providers, cloud computing, online entertainment, games, virtual goods, internet services, are among companies that take advantage of..

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