Posted by admin on Jul 20, 2010


Payment Processing for SaaS ProvidersSaaS billing is effective for stabilizing cash flow and providing a predicable income stream.  But, as is the case with any recurring payments model, SaaS providers must be concerned with recurring billing revenue leakage.The biggest cause of loss of revenue..

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Posted by admin on Jul 17, 2010


The vast majority of  card transactions combine 2 elements:  authorization and capture.  Once the card information is received, authorization of the amount of the purchase is obtained from the issuing bank, and, if approved, the card is charged.  The transaction is automatically set for..

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Posted by admin on Jul 14, 2010


Combine Payment Processing with Internal SystemsElectronic payment processing is an important part of streamlining business operations.  But, to get the most bang for the buck, organizations should integrate payment processing with internal systems.    Integration with accounting, enterprise..

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Posted by admin on Jun 08, 2010


Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Alternative PaymentsConsumers abandon shopping carts for many reasons. Regardless or the reason, an abandoned shopping cart means no sales to you.According to a recent study 22% of buyers said the absence of the payment method they wanted to use was the reason..

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