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Card And Crypto Payments for High-Risk Merchants

Card and crypto merchant accounts on one gateway. High risk merchants welcome.  Fast approvals.  Superior service. Increase orders by giving customers multiple ways to pay you. Contact us today.

How Card and Crypto Payments Increase Your Sales

Debit and credit cards are still the most popular payment methods for American buyers.  Cards are used extensively in other parts of the world as well.  Naturally, it’s important to accept all the card brands available to you, including international cards, such as Union Pay, which is now the biggest card brand in the world.

Still, the rising acceptance of cryptocurrency cannot be ignored as ecommerce continues to expand exponentially world- wide.  If you do not offer crypto payments at checkout, you risk losing market share to your competitors that do.  

Crypto and card payments are seamlessly integrated with a powerful high-risk payment gateway.  Accept crypto and cards as payment at checkout.  And watch your sales grow.

What Businesses Benefit Most from Accepting Crypto and Card Payments?

High risk merchants have always been trend-setters in embracing new payment technologies.  Any high-risk business that poses elevated financial risks or liabilities to acquiring banks should seriously consider accepting crypto payments as well as cards. 

High risk businesses understand the risks associated with card processing.  Financial institutions, governments, politics, and consumer chargebacks can all interfere with your ability to accept card payments.  By combining card and crypto payments on one gateway, you protect your business operations, assuring customers always have a way to pay you. 

Currently, the biggest fans of crypto payments are adult entertainment, online gaming, and digital content merchants.  Businesses targeting younger, educated, prosperous buyers particularly benefit from accepting crypto along with card payments since younger consumers are quite comfortable with digital transactions.     

Other high-risk industries embracing crypto include virtual private networks (VPN), precious metals and commodities, NFT, high-ticket sales, online dating, social networks, financial services, CBD, kratom, MLM, international merchants, investment or financial services, and regulated industries.

Still, there’s no denying that, in addition to high-risk merchants, major online retailers are also adding crypto to the checkout page. Confirming that crypto payments are now becoming mainstream.

Growth in Crypto Merchant Accounts

Crypto payments currently account for $6 billion in consumer’s purchases online.  While this seems to be minimal in a market of $10 trillion ecommerce payments, crypto is still in the early adaption stage. 

Consider this.  The market capitalization for crypto is over $2.2 trillion, a huge increase over the $200 billion it was just a few years ago.  There are more than 300 million crypto users worldwide, with millions more embracing the payment method on a regular basis.  

Crypto users tend to be younger with 64% ages 25-44 and 19% ages 45-54.  Average household income is over $100K, making these customers valuable and desirable for online businesses.  Men use crypto 3x as often as women.  Which makes the payment option a perfect demographic fit for online games and gambling, adult content, and digital products.   

While crypto payments appear to represent still a small part of overall ecommerce sales, it’s obvious the payment option is poised to explode.  International shoppers want to pay with crypto to avoid currency conversions.  Merchants want ways to help control card chargebacks and keep merchant accounts in good standing. Some buyers prefer to pay privately and anonymously.

If you do not offer crypto along with card payments, you risk losing sales to your competitors that do.

Benefits of Accepting Crypto for High-Risk Merchants

The most common reason for a high-risk classification is chargebacks.  Encouraging buyers to pay with crypto to helps reduce chargebacks and keeps card merchant accounts in good standing. 

While card transactions are quick, cards, ACH, echecks, and other payment methods take time to settle and are subject to reversal.  Crypto payments are processed quickly, like cards but better.  Because a crypto payment is like a cash transaction. Once the payment has been processed, it cannot be reversed. 

Other benefits of accepting crypto include:

  • International payments are easier. Crypto payments can be made from anywhere in the world. with no worries about currency conversion for the either the customer or the merchant. 
  • Eliminate fraud. For high-risk merchants, card fraud is always a lurking enemy to profits.   With crypto, all transactions are irreversible because transactions are attached to the blockchain.
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment. The more payment methods you offer at checkout, the more sales you make.  Some buyers prefer crypto over cards or other payment methods.  Satisfy your customers’ desires with multiple payment methods and watch your profits grow. vesting, crypto

How To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments At Checkout

The fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to integrate payments to your checkout page is to use a gateway that includes both card and crypto payments.  API integration gives you a fast and easy way to accept both card and crypto payments.  In this way, crypto payments quickly become just another payment option to offer your customers.

The payment gateway was designed especially for high-risk merchants.  Military grade security, robust fraud protection, and customizable security are standard features.  The gateway also lets you load-balance among multiple accounts, giving you the ability to view and manage all accounts from a single dashboard.  Increasing productivity while simplifying reconciliation and exchange of data with internal accounting systems.

High risk merchants can apply for card and crypto accounts at the same time on a single application. The underwriting and approval process are the same.  You simply submit an application along with the supporting documents. 

High-volume high-risk merchants are our specialty.  A minimum of $50K per month is required to qualify for an account, although most merchants process substantially higher volumes.  


Studies confirm that offering multiple payment options boost sales up to 30%. Accepting the payments your customers prefer to use is simply common sense.  Combining card and crypto payments on the same gateway is the fastest way to increase your sales without additional work. 

Contact us today to discover how your company will benefit from combining debit, credit card processing and crypto payments on a single gateway.