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Crypto Payment Merchant Accounts

Take your business to the next level – Explore the benefits of cryptocurrency merchant accounts

Online payments are rapidly gaining popularity across the world and more and more businesses are accepting payments through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Businesses across a wide range of industries are accepting cryptocurrencies to fulfil the needs of people who prefer to buy goods and services online.

The demand for cryptocurrency payment solutions is growing rapidly because they offer a safe, secure and transparent way of making payments across borders. Irrespective of your line of business, accepting payments through cryptocurrencies offers several major benefits:

More Security

Crypto payments are safer and less vulnerable to DDoS attacks and fraud than traditional payments. The benefits and opportunities offered by crypto payments for all online businesses are clearly visible.  

Instantly Available

Unlike traditional payments, no third parties are involved in a crypto transaction. As soon as a payment transaction is completed, the amount is in your wallet. You can access it instantly and convert your cryptos into a fiat currency of your choice.  

Get New Customers

Cryptocurrency is becoming popular and customers who want to pay in cryptos are looking for businesses that accept them. A business that accepts crypto payments can attract a new set of customers.

No Chargeback Fraud

A cryptocurrency transaction cannot be changed. As soon as a customer pays for a product or service the funds go directly into the account. The charges cannot be reversed, unlike payments made by credit card.

More and more businesses want to accept cryptocurrency payments to fulfil the demands of their customers.

Are you ready to accept crypto payments from your customers? Expand your horizons and accept crypto payments globally

We help customers from a wide range of industries to set up secure and safe crypto merchant accounts without any hassles.

Once you start accepting cryptocurrency payments, you can expand your horizons and operate on a global scale. We will help you to set up a secure cryptocurrency merchant account and other payment gateways.

Explore New Markets and Grow Your Business  

We help high-risk merchants to establish secure payment systems, which include card processing and cryptocurrency payments. The aim is to make it much easier for clients to buy from you.

Our clients range from crypto merchants to crypto users who depend on us to provide state-of-the-art solutions for security, checkouts, transaction systems, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges and more. We help our clients to reach their business objectives faster. 

We empower customers across a wide range of industries

Travel Industry

Travel merchants are allowing block chain and crypto fans to use Bitcoin wallets and many other cryptocurrencies to buy tickets. Many security measures are needed for crypto tourism.

We help high-risk merchants to make cryptocurrency payments so that you can provide great service to your customers without putting your own or their security at risk while traveling.

Some of the benefits of accepting crypto payments for travel merchants are:

  • Efficient ticket management
  • Global acceptance
  • Lower cash flow risk
  • Lower risk of identity and payment fraud
  • On-time payments and cancellations

Gift Cards

The use of crypto wallets to buy gift cards has become popular, turning cryptocurrency into points that can be redeemed at online or local stores. Accepting cryptocurrency payments increases the payment options for your customers, who can then spend more on your website.

The right payment gateway makes everything possible. If you allow cryptocurrency to be converted into gift cards, you will increase the purchasing power of visitors and improve their experience. Some of the benefits of accepting crypto payments for the purchase of gift cards are:

  • Easily convertibility
  • Freedom to shop virtually
  • Improved chances of rewards
  • More flexibility because it’s easier to swap
  • No chargebacks

Online Gambling

A big issue in gambling is to ensure security after a win and the time required to convert large earnings. Crypto payments can enable quick transactions, promote fair games and improve the gambling experience for your customers. Some of the benefits of accepting crypto payments for online gambling are:

  • Better winnings, decentralized currency
  • Easily convertible
  • Encrypted seeds allow fair gameplay
  • No geolocation limitations
  • Privacy from hackers and governments

Online Gaming

More than half of millennial gamers possess cryptocurrency, and 3/4th of them say they would like to convert virtual goods into a currency that can be utilized on other platforms, such as a virtual currency. Accepting crypto payments allows gamers to:

  • Eliminate chargebacks
  • Full integration with gamer IDs
  • Make instant in-game transactions
  • Play and pay from anywhere
  • Lower transaction costs and fees, no intermediaries


You can welcome customers from everywhere by allowing them to use a payment method that suits them to buy hemp and CBD products. Use your high-risk merchant account to keep track of every payment that arrives to ensure compliance.

We provide a wide variety of tools, from point of sale crypto payments to crypto checkouts, which help to simplify business processes. Some of the benefits of accepting crypto payments for cannabis/CBD merchants are:

  • Accept crypto payments at the point of sale
  • Improved high-risk transaction security
  • No bank legal issues
  • Payments are easy to track
  • Reduced fees, higher profit margins

NFT and Digital Assets

More NFT protocols are being listed in the market, making the buying and selling non-fungible tokens popular. This allows you to tokenize items like music, art, sports, etc., and makes it easy for customers to buy and sell. Digital articles may include CBD, gift cards, high ticket products, etc. Some benefits of NFT crypto merchant accounts are:

  • Easily transferable
  • Full ownership
  • Indivisible currency
  • Prevention of fraud
  • Suitable for collector’s items

Some Other Industries

Other industries that can benefit from crypto payments are software/web services, online entertainment, electronics, high ticket products, pay-per-view entertainment providers, luxury retailers and auction houses.

Cryptocurrency payments offer numerous benefits and this is a great opportunity for you to stand head and shoulders above the competition as an innovator and pioneer. A few other major benefits of crypto payments are:

  • Offer and accept payments anonymously
  • Protects against fiat currency fluctuation
  • Reduces chargeback fraud
  • Transactions are secure, quick and easy
  • User-friendliness
  • Versatility


The more payment methods you offer at checkout, the more sales you make.  Our payment gateway gives you the ability to accept crypto payments.  Plus card payments and ACH.  

Contact us today to discover more about how to maximize your profits while minimizing risk.