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Airlines are under constant pressure to reduce costs in order to increase profits.

One of the most overlooked methods of driving down expenses is to offer lower cost payment options.  While card payments are necessary, they are also expensive.

Directing more sales to real time bank transfers decreases processing costs, eliminates chargebacks, and gives international customers another way to purchase tickets.

What is a Real Time Bank Transfer?

With real time bank transfers, customers authorize funds to be sent directly from their bank account to the merchant.

  1. At checkout, customers select to pay with online bank transfers.  Customers chose their bank and are redirected to the bank site to log in.
  2. Customers immediately see the details of the purchase and authorize the payment to the merchants.  Customers are automatically redirected back to your website.
  3. Merchants are immediately notified that the payment has been made.  Customers are emailed confirmation of order and payment.
  4. Funds are settled to the merchant’s bank.

Real time bank transfers advantages

  • Increase orders from international customers up to 40%
  • Eliminate chargeback liabilities
  • Provide merchants fast settlement of funds
  • Let customers pay without the risk of revealing personal or financial information to merchants
  • Capture sales from customers in countries where domestic cards cannot be used for cross-border transactions

Since customers authorize the transaction through their on-line bank systems, it is virtually impossible for a transaction to be revoked by the customer.  Therefore, a bank transfer is as close as possible to a cash transaction.

Rates are lower than card processing.  And, there are no reserves or hold-backs required for real time bank transfers.  Compare this to card processing where reserves can tie up access to working capital

Adding real time bank transfers on the checkout page is a simple process of integrating an API.

Want to increase your profits and reduce your payment processing risk?

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