Posted by admin on Mar 17, 2010


Safeguard Your High Risk Merchant Account

You've finally gotten your high risk merchant account approved. Now, how to you keep protect your high risk processing?

Here are 10 tips to help you.

  • Monitor your monthly processing volumes.  If you are going to exceed the approved processing limits significantly, call the bank and let them know the reason.  For example, you may be implementing an ad campaign, bring out a new product, or expanding your marketing efforts.
  • If you expect a very large growth spurt, consider getting additional merchant accounts.
  • If you are changing merchant account providers, ramp processing volumes down slowly from your existing account.  If you suddenly close your account, the acquiring bank gets nervous and can decide to freeze your funds or hold your reserves.
  • If you have average tickets that are much higher than normal, call the bank and let them know the reason why.  Banks hate surprises. Keep the bank informed..
  • Put your customer service number next to your company name on the billing descriptor.  When customers view their credit card statements, you want customers to call you first with any questions, not the card issuing bank.
  • Provide superb customer service. Responsive customer service prevents chargebacks.  And builds customer loyalty.
  • Make it easy for your customers to return items if not satisfied.  Particularly if you sell a lower ticket item, issuing a refund is easier than fighting a chargeback.
  • Review reports.  Reconcile statements.  Properly manage your account.
  • Implement fraud protection.  Cyber criminals are waiting for a chance to attack you.  Implement superior fraud protection and keep your business safe.
  • Keep your bank informed of any changes in your way of doing business.  Consider your high risk merchant account bank an important part of your team. 


Payment processing is vital to your long term business success. Protecting your high risk merchant account ensures that revenues from payment processing will continue to flow. 

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